Much like self-storage units, storage needs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From a temporary storage space for furniture during a house move, to a long-term solution to storing important business documents, the size of a self-storage unit depends on the requirements of those renting it.

However, for newcomers to renting self-storage units, understanding the storage sizes available will help you find the best unit for your needs, ensuring you pay only for as much space as you require.

In this self storage size guide, we’ll take a look at the most common types of self-storage units and lockers we have on offer at each of our 6 secure storage facilities; while our storage units are available in much larger sizes than those mentioned in this post, we’re covering units that most customers tend to ask about.

Storage Container Sizes:

Storage Lockers 10sqft (1 cubic metre)

The smallest of our self-storage offerings are our secure storage lockers. These provide a handy space for students to store some of their university contents when they move back home for summer and serve as effective storage spaces for temporary home offices.

Our lockers come in one size, enough to fit in a box of your belongings, a home computer and monitor, or a couple of rucksacks.

Students love Smart Storage

16 Sq Ft (approx. 1.4sqm)

The smallest of our available unit sizes is ideal for storing bags of items or 4 small boxes, as an attic overspill for example. A 16 sq ft unit is comparable in size to a double wardrobe; a minimum height of 7 ft also allows you store items vertically.

This size is equivalent to the storage of an estate car; the big difference being that there is no need to fork out over £16,000 for this storage unit.


25 Sq Ft (approx 2.3sqm)

The next size up among our available storage units is the 25 sq ft unit. The size of the space could be likened to the size of a telephone box or a small garden shed.

These units are perfect for people moving from a small apartment who don’t have a huge amount of furniture and belongings but require a space to declutter and store up to 40 medium-sized boxes.

As with all of our various sizes, this storage unit features a high ceiling, making it an ideal solution for storing your belongings.


35 Sq Ft (approx 3.2sqm)

In these units you could fit the contents of a small van or one-bedroom studio flat. This is an idea for workmen looking for additional storage space for their tools and machinery, and with on-site forklift availability you can be sure that we have the extra muscle to help you to and from your unit!

With the space to store up to 60 boxes, the 35 sq ft storage unit is a brilliant choice for both domestic and business use.


50 Sq Ft (approx 4.6sqm)

The spacious 50 sq ft unit is ideal for those looking to store enough items to fill a transit van, or regular garage. Again, this is often useful to those moving from or into a one bedroom flat, but there is more available space for any extra items.

Small businesses may find this unit the ideal size for storing their stock.

Small garage unit

75 Sq Ft (approx 7sqm)

This is one of the more common sizes we rent, popular with those moving to or from a two-bedroom house, and perhaps undertaking a house renovation or extension.

The space available in a 75 sq ft unit is much like a small office or large stock room. You could easily fill the unit with the contents of two full transit vans (one Ford Transit van) or 150 medium-sized storage boxes (which are also available for a great price at each of our sites!).

Medium Van

100 Sq Ft (approx 9.3 sqm)

The 100 sq ft container is the size of a single garage, so is often used as a ‘second garage’, due to its size and available storage space. These units are also great for anyone moving from or to a larger 2-bedroom house or potentially even a 3-bed house that requires a little extra space for additional furniture and boxes.

This storage unit size is also useful for an office clearance as you could fit a whopping 200 medium-sized boxes, or the contents of a full Luton Van (not small by any means), and then some!

Large Garageq

125 Sq Ft (approx 11.6 sqm)

If the previous size isn’t big enough for a 3-bedroom house, this 125 sq ft unit will certainly be ideal for those moving to or from a 3-bed house. The extra space is convenient to store the additional furniture and items from the third bedroom (such as beds, drawers, and wardrobes).

Aside from moving home, this storage unit can hold large kitchen and garden furniture that is too roomy to store in the home. In these units you could fit 230 medium-sized boxes, or the contents of three Luton vans that is equivalent to a 7.5 tonne van – now that is a lot of stuff!

Storage Container

150sqft (approx 14 sqm)

Equivalent to a 20ft shipping container, the 150 sq ft unit is suitable for the contents of at least a 3-bed house, and potentially even 4 bedrooms, plus the garage contents.

The storage unit can hold up to 250 medium-sized boxes, so it could be the ideal place for online traders to store their stock.

Much bigger storage units are available, of course, covering storage requirements up to 5000 sq ft! (approx. 464sqm)

All of the above storage units feature 24/7 CCTV and are individually armed, ensuring your belongings, whatever their value, will be stored safely.

We offer self-storage solutions in Preston, Liverpool and four other locations across the North-West, and you can use our brilliant storage space calculator  to find the right storage size unit for you. Be sure to also use our online quote calculator today to see how much you could save on self-storage units.

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