What comes to mind when you think about self-storage units? Chances are it’s one of two things: stacking and packing furniture ceiling-high, or popular storage-related reality TV shows.

While furniture storage is certainly a popular use of our secure self-storage facilities, there is almost no limit to what you can use storage for.
In our blog post here we’re bringing you five amazing uses for storage units that will hopefully inspire you to get a unit of your very own!

In this post, you’ll find creative-thinking people making fantastic use of the extra space and secure surroundings that self-storage facilities offer, and it just so happens that we offer a huge range of self-storage units for very competitive prices!

Create Your Own Personal Gym

Image showing a storage unit converted into a gym

Image Source: Sam Costain Gym

Anyone who’s attended a public gym during peak times is sure to know how frustrating this experience can be. From waiting 10 minutes for each piece of equipment you need to access, to wiping down the sweat-covered benches and bikes left behind by other gym-goers, there’s plenty to avoid at your local fitness centre.

That’s why using a self-storage unit as your own personal gym can be a huge relief and a dream come true for any fitness fanatic. Not only can you enjoy instant access to all of your own weights and equipment, but you can work out as loudly and vigorously as you like without the wandering eyes of other gym-goers throwing you off your game!

While the example shown above features a tonne of customer-owned gym equipment, you can achieve incredible fitness results with just a mat, a simple set of weights and a bench. No matter how big or small you want to make your personal self-storage gym, you can achieve it with the flexible range of unit sizes available at each Smart Storage facility.

Rock Out in Band Practice Space

Image showing how a storage unit can be used to house a rock band for rehearsals

Who hasn’t wanted to plug in an electric guitar or set up a drum kit and just go crazy from time-to-time? One of the biggest challenges that amateur musicians and bands face is practice space. Unable to practice their instruments or collaborate as a band in residential properties due to noise complaints and space issues.

Self-Storage units offer as much space as you could possibly need, as well as adequate power points and privacy, allowing you to truly rock out! Whether you’re looking for a space to jam and collaborate with bandmates, or simply a place to practice your instrument of choice, the privacy, security, and space offered in our range of self-storage units is perfect for both.

Unwind in a Secret Games Room

Image showing retro arcade machines stored at a storage facility

Everyone needs a place to go and relax, and while your home may not have the adequate space needed to use as your own personal escape from the stresses of day-to-day life, there’s plenty of space at our self-storage facilities for you to use as a games room!

Whether you’re looking for a place to house your collection of arcade machines or a place to play pool and poker with friends, creating your own games space in a self-storage unit provides you with a spacious, secure and private location in which you can unwind! With units available in a huge range of sizes, your games room can accommodate any fun activity!

Prosper in an Affordable Start Up Business Space

Image showing ow on-line sellers store their product ranges

Image Source: Canadianbusiness.com

Start up businesses need to keep costs low during their early years, and one thing that can really drive up a business’ outgoings is the cost of an expensive office, plus all of the extra rates and bills that come with running a company of your own.

Using a self-storage unit as a place of business is an ideal solution for small businesses in a huge range of industries. Our self-storage facilities offer all of the essentials that one would come to expect from a traditional office space, as well as useful meeting spaces and hot desking as required at some of our locations.

This is a fantastic way of keeping business costs low, ensuring all of your business equipment and stock is secure, and protecting all contents with affordable unit storage insurance options. Easy, simple and affordable!

Master Your Craft in a Private Art Studio

Image showing an artist use a small storage unit as a creative office to paint her pictures to sell

Any successful or aspiring artist is sure to know the value of a peaceful place which allows you to truly practice your craft and let loose your creativity. Whether you’re looking to master the paintbrush or perfect the art of sculpture, art requires time, patience, space, and privacy, all of which are available in the many sizes of secure self-storage units at Smart Storage.

At Smart Storage, you’ll have access to your very own private art studio, and will find your space to be a suitable environment in which you can relax and get the creative juices flowing! Many artists also use self-storage units to display and exhibit their artwork to potential buyers, another great perk of housing your pieces in a secure and easily accessible facility.

So there we have five fantastic uses for self-storage units! Renting space with Smart Storage allows you a secure space to enjoy as your very own, and all for incredibly competitive prices. Be sure to use our online storage calculator today to see how much you can save!