Have you ever wondered what the optimal distance to be from your local supermarket is? It’s good to be near it so that you can quickly grab a pint of milk or some bread, but you don’t want to be so near that your road is always blocked off due to busy shoppers – is it really necessary to abandon cars? Your road may start looking like a scene from The Walking Dead…

That’s an easy question to warm you up, but here’s a trickier one… What’s the optimal distance to be from your self-storage unit? Aha! We bet we’ve caught you out! Let us fill you in so that you can ace a pub quiz should that be the make-or-break question! (If your local quiz doesn’t have a self storage question, is it really a quiz?)

Self Storage is Local

According to the Self Storage Association, people don’t actually want to travel far in order to get to their storage unit. It’s got to the point that that around 85% of people that use self storage want to travel 15 minutes or less to their unit, and over half want to do it in less than 10!

That’s an insane amount of people, especially if you are located in a large area.

You Need to Be Near Your Valuables

If you’re renovating your house and you need some extra space in order to store some important – or even unwanted – items, then it makes sense to have a storage unit close to your location so that you can get to them whenever you need to and grab the items you want – you never know when you’ll need that box of “junk”.

Storage units provide a great alternative to making your house messy and then not being able to find any items that you need. If you really need to find that clock that you’ve had for generations, how are you going to find it in boxes of clothing surrounding your living room? You’ll only end up hushing everyone in your home and hoping to hear the tick-tock… we’re pretty sure that’s what drove Captain Hook crazy – let’s just hope your clock isn’t inside the belly of a smug crocodile!

With a storage unit, your organised space means you can find it in no time!

Collection of wooden clocks hanging on wall

We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find THESE clocks…

However, You Don’t Have to Be

This may seem counterintuitive to what we said in the previous section, but being near your valuable items doesn’t mean that you have to live 50 steps down the road from your storage unit. All storage units have constant surveillance, meaning that they are always under watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll be keeping a sneaky eye on those old toys to see whether they do actually come alive and plot against you while you’re not around!

Therefore, you can rest assured that your valuables will be safe and sound within a storage unit. Another great asset of owning a storage unit is that only you are able to access it, further increasing the important security measures that are put in place – perfect for storing those items that you don’t want other people’s grubby hands to be all over!

Your valuables are incredibly important to you; therefore, the security of those valuable items is vital in the workings of a storage unit, making it incredibly important to us, too!

Thief trying to break in

You aren’t getting into my storage unit! Not on my watch!

So, What is the Optimal Distance?

So, back to the question in hand. To be absolutely honest, there is no optimal distance to be from your storage unit. You can be close to your storage unit so that you can easily move items without having to travel too far, but you can be a little further away from your valuables and be safe in the knowledge that your precious valuables are in safe hands – not literally our hands, though…

All our units here at Smart Storage are located within a few miles of the home, no matter where you are situated within the areas that we cover, meaning that you can get to us whenever you want to with ease; cool, huh?

If you are thinking of using a self-storage unit with Smart Storage, then there is no optimal distance; Smart Storage is available all across the North West, meaning that there will always be a place for you to store your valuables within the North West of England that you will be able to get to with ease!

We have storage units located in major cities across the North West, such as our self-storage units in Liverpool, Preston, Warrington, Altrincham, Widnes, and the Wirral. The best thing about this is that these are large cities that are all within a close proximity, meaning that, no matter where you are in the North West, you are always close to one of our self storage units!

So, if you are in need of a storage unit near you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today, where one of our incredibly friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help.