No one wants to spend time searching high and low for a particular box that holds something that you most desperately need. We all know how that scenario plays out – a raised heart rate, inherent mumbling under your breath about how ‘it was just here last time’ and convincing yourselves that the storage fairies are playing tricks on you again – if you’re really fumbling, you may even end up falling into a box and packing yourself away in your unit.

Instead of fighting with the stuff in your storage unit, why not choose to do something about it? Don’t run the risk of your family heirloom getting lost in a sea of boxes – get organised instead!

Choose a System that Suits You

Organisation is a very personal thing – what one person finds highly effective may be another’s nightmare. There’s no one right or wrong way to organise your unit, only how you think you’ll be able to navigate to specific items or boxes easily.

box of memories

Don’t lose those memories – it wouldn’t be a memory box then, would it?

For example, some people prefer to store items of a particular theme in one area; those family photos will stay in the far back corner with all the antiques and Aunty Mary’s Grandmother clock (yep, that’s a thing) that you’ll probably never pull out of storage, but you never know. The spare kitchen stuff may be closer to the front – you never know when you’ll need the extendable table; why do family turn up at the most random of times?


Shelving gives a great option to utilise the height of your unit!

Alternatively, you could use a labelling system; not only will you have a way to quickly find the items you need, you could potentially turn the interior of your unit into a rainbow – any excuse to use bright coloured labels!

Try to Implement It as Soon as Possible

Time is precious to us all; we’ve all got somewhere to be, but never enough time to get all we need to be done completed – or at least it seems that way.

If you’ve already got a tried and tested method for organisation that you know works, it’s important that you’re trying to implement it as soon as possible to save yourself both time and stress. The quicker you can locate an item, the less you’ll spend tearing your hair out and trashing your unit to find it!

piles of books

Chances are, you don’t need constant access to all them books… unless you’ve built a book fort…

If you’ve yet to find a system that works for you, the best way to see what works and what doesn’t is to just jump in and give it a go. Yeah, it may get hectic and you might start feeling that vein in your head throbbing while you work things out, but trust us, it will get easier once you familiarise yourself with your newly organised storage unit!

No matter how you decide to sort out your storage unit, it’ll end up being easier to navigate and even be safer for you – no more risking an embarrassing trip or fall because there are boxes strewn all over the place!

While we can’t organise your storage unit for you (sorry!), we can offer you a spacious unit to securely store all your belongings that may be cluttering up your home or garage! Specialising in self-storage in Preston, Altrincham, and across the North West, we’ll be happy to answer any enquiries you may have about our services!