Easter is sneaking up on us once again and while we’re all celebrating the yearly resurgence of Cadbury’s Crème Eggs (can you taste the difference?), it’s also a great time to get your life in order.

Many people use Lent as an excuse to kick-start a new lifestyle; it’s 40 days of giving something up that will (hopefully) make your life feel more fulfilled.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to give up for the 40 days of Lent this year, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for you to try! While some of the following aren’t necessarily things we can help you store away here at Smart Storage, but it’s always good to have a good ol’ reassess…

Labelled Moving Boxes

Video Games

It’s sometimes more important to head back to the real world and make something of yourself IRL (that’s ‘in real life’ for all you gaming newbies). Pack those gaming systems up in a storage unit and head out on your own adventure!


We all know the health risks associated with smoking, so why not use these 40 days to stop a habit that’s not doing much good for your health? Hide your stock of cigarettes away to avoid temptation. Out of sight, out of mind, right?


Like cigarettes, alcohol can affect your health, and taking a break from having a beverage or six every weekend with your mates can make you feel even better about life. Cart your personal bar to your storage unit to free up some space and keep temptation at bay.


We’re still a society that watches far too much TV. For Lent, why not try cutting TV out of your daily activities and take up something new instead? We’re pretty sure Jeremy Kyle will still be there to catch up on in 40 days’ time – where do these people come from? We can look after your precious TV set in the meantime (we’ll keep you updated on the latest Corrie updates!)


Are you one of those people who ‘just can’t function’ without coffee? We bet you can. Swap to decaf or even just go coffee-less for 40 days – it will be worth it in the long run, trust us!


It’s pretty much just coffee in disguise, right? Dunk those teabags elsewhere – or maybe opt for fruit tea instead; it’s not as hipster as you think.


Pretty generic, but we rely way too much on our electronics in this day and age – what would we do without hair dryers? Have naturally dry hair in a few hours, duh!


Did you know that it’s possible to go for a day (or 40) without an argument? Find out what you argue about the most and figure out how to get around it without raising your voice or waggling your finger.


Trying to get healthy? Stop eating between meals!

Mobile Phones

Unless you’ve got some really important business to conduct, try taking time away from your mobile. Let people know though, we don’t want people sending out search parties because you haven’t replied to their 20th Facebook message

Something you don’t need every day

Feeling charitable? Find one object per day and set it aside to donate to charity instead! If you don’t need it, someone else might!


Who says you need foundation to look beautiful? Give your skin a break and head out au-naturale and embrace yourself – now we’re getting deep.

Your Mirror

Stop being so vain – a mirror isn’t necessarily a necessity! Plus, it could make for some interesting ways to get ready in a morning!


We may have been brought up on a diet overloaded with sugar, but there are foods out there that -insert horrified gasp here – don’t contain sugar!

Energy Drinks

Think you need that can of Red Bull to get you through the day? It doesn’t really give you wings, you know!

Fast Food Vouchers

They really know how to tempt us, don’t they! Don’t give in to the temptation of a free pizza…*drool*

Anything that distracts you

…hmm? What was that?

Things that you complain about daily

Not making you happy? Get rid!


Is the man in your life frustrating you to no end? Why not try giving yourself some space from him for a few hours a day. That, or see Point 8.


It’s not always Mars, sometimes you need a break from Venus.

Plastic Bags

Save yourself 5p (and the environment) in one simple step!

Bottled Water

Do you really need all that unnecessary plastic? You’ve got a tap in your home for a reason!

Mind-Numbing Magazines

Does the life of the Kardashians really make a difference to your own life? Nah, didn’t think so.

Your Heater

Might still be cold out, but saving money on your energy bills is important, too! Buy a jumper!


Because sometimes walking through a cloud of cherry and bubblegum isn’t everybody’s bag.


Delicious? Tick! Lifetime on the hips? Tick! While we don’t recommend storing fresh food in your storage unit, we’re sure your Cheesaholics Anonymous Group will be grate(r)ful.


Well, we’re all a little guilty of this one… But being passive aggressive by pretending to not be, by pretending to be, but not being, only turns conversations into some form of meta-Inception. Lock that away in your internal self-storage unit; you might enjoy life without it!

Taking photos of your food

I mean… come on. Enjoy it before it goes cold. Or melts. Or goes warm. Either way… really?

Not replying to texts or emails

Other people have plans y’know!

Not replying to texts or emails

We think it deserves two mentions, it’s just that annoying.

Hitting snooze on your alarm

If you find you are needing those extra eight more minutes, maybe tell yourself to go to bed eight minutes earlier.

Fizzy drinks

Because no good dentist appointment starts with, “You really need to be drinking more sugar.”

Buying Kinder Eggs just for the toys

…Just us?

One word text replies


The Internet

Your time spent looking at funny cat videos could be spent better elsewhere – no, really!


It sucks away our precious time – why are all our favourite shows getting added?

Staying up late

This will help with the previous point – that last episode of The Walking Dead can wait until tomorrow.

Buying more clothes

Because your floor-drobe really needs new additions…


Do you really need to keep hold of *insert item here* ‘just in case’?  Nope? Chuck it out!

Being lazy with housework

Your house is your castle… or something along those lines. Keep it looking neat and tidy and you’ll be happy to have your parents turn up randomly to ‘see how you’re getting on’ without having to worry about the pile of smelly laundry in the corner of the room.


While we’re not able to be your personal life coach and tell you what you need to do to get your life on track, we are here to help you with all your storage needs. Whether it’s moving all your belongings into storage for a complete fresh start or just temporarily moving something out of arms reach for Lent, we’re able to help!

We’re spread out across the whole of the North West, so feel free to get in touch with us today if you’d like to find out more about our storage in Liverpool, Widnes, Preston… pretty much anywhere in the North West!