When refurbishing your home, things can get messy. Boxes of junk, piles of old clothes and rooms full of clutter; when the home is chaotic, it can get complicated. Having a storage unit, can take the stress away and keep your home (and brain) in a clean, clutter-free state. With a range of storage rooms and units available to rent, Smart Storage have the answer to all your home renovation needs.

Safe, Secure, and Smart!

Whether you’re clearing out a room, or preparing and redecorating your entire home, you want your possessions to be safe in storage. You don’t want your personal keep-safes to be damaged or get lost on its travels. By having somewhere to store all your belongings, you are sure to not trip over a bin bag of them old teddy-bears you can’t ‘bear’ to throw away, or the collection of handed down vinyl’s from great, great granddad. These kind of things, just face it, you treasure, and you would hate anything to happen to them. I mean, just imagine paint, sealant, or any plaster getting over these; you wouldn’t be a happy decorator. All our storage units in Preston have individual alarms, 24-hour security and extra security with a lock and unique access code.

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The ‘Big Clear Out’: It’s About Time.

You could be planning ‘the big clear out’ and we all know this is serious business. You may have not realised how much stuff you had. The attic is full of boxes of photos, and the dining room table is just too big to keep in the bathroom while decorating. Even though having your dinner on the table, while in the bath sounds amazing, it’s not ideal for space. You never really know how long the renovation is going to take, and unless you have 60-minute makeover in on it, you might not have a specific timeline.  With Smart Storage’s flexible terms, ranging from 2 weeks to the length of a piece of string; we can cater to your 4 week, 8 week or maybe even 8-month home renovation. With free and flexible personal access, you can also come and check on your Storage unit whenever you fancy.

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Boxes and More: Contain Your Excitement.

A clear house and plenty of space is what you typically want when giving your home a lift. A ‘rejuvenation of your home,’ is what it says on the tin. Get everything out, give it a little break, a clean and a refine, bring it back and then put it all back in a new sparkly, fresh house. That’s pure rejuvenation. We can also provide all the added extras to make it that much easier, and give you an added sense of relief. Supplying a range of boxes, packing materials, and even moving equipment, it really can be that easy to give you and your home, a fresh outlook. Smart Storage can also provide bubble wrap, dust sheets, packing paper and shrink wrap; because we know the little things matter

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Here at Smart Storage, we know that refurbishing the home can be complicated, stressful and frank fully, a big mess. We want to help you as much as possible in making the home rejuvenation, plain sailing. (You could even fit a Kayak, or a canoe in one of our units; it’s that plain sailing!)

If you would like to know any more about our Smart Storage units in Preston, or any other surrounding areas, we would be more than happy to help! Be sure to get in touch with our team on 0808 252 7418, or you can always pop and see us on Facebook or Twitter. We know you’ll make the ‘smart’ decision.