Monthly Tee Club is a monthly t-shirt subscription service whose subscription helps to clothe the world. In addition to clothing the world, the service gives back via a t-shirt donation to the homeless with every monthly subscription. With subscriptions starting at £9.99, the service also sometimes includes surprise gifts.

The owner, Rick Chebrika, rents an office unit size 125sqft and a second office unit of 90sqft at Smart Storage. Rick has rented his units in Altrincham since October of last year, as he was referred to us for our convenience, the good price for the space, and the flexibility of a monthly rolling storage option. Rick saw our sweet spot was that he would benefit from an office with facilities and the convenience of having an office that is regulated as storage.

When we interviewed Rick he said “Smart Storage had helped new businesses and ventures due to all the facilities’ extra features; including broadband, electricity, and no rates”.

There is also the possibility for networking and events such as Fizzy Fridays, which allows for business owners to relax after a hard week of work, enjoy a glass of bubbly, and delicious food. This helps to lead to business referrals that aid other start-up businesses in a similar situation.

A typical day at Monthly Tee Club’s office consists of printing t-shirts and dispatching orders out of one of the office units rented by Rick. Smart Storage’s staff helps with mail collection, signing for packages as they arrive, allowing Rick to have a flexible approach to his business. Through Smart Storage’s units, “I have been able to upscale my business, which has helped with increasing t-shirt production”.

Highlighting Smart Storage’s facilities, Rick said: “Our storage is better and cheaper than other town centre locations. The free parking available at Smart Storage is also considered a benefit. The staff at Smart Storage’s locations are approachable, friendly, and a really good bunch!”

Rick said: “My stock and business equipment are secure at Smart Storage, and the option to go to my units 24/7 is a benefit for my business.”

When asked if he would recommend Smart Storage, Rick underlines that he finds our storage solutions a happy medium for his needs, as they are not too corporate and involve face-to-face contact with our friendly staff who can offer help and advice. He also adds that having no tie-ins or lengthy contracts is convenient and just what his business needs.

You can visit Monthy Tee Club’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information about the business.