Our storage units provide useful and secure locations for your belongings, including any valuable memorabilia you might have. Every location is different, and every storage unit a different possibility. Could you imagine just what you would find in them?

With our multitude of storage units, knowing which ones contain local treasures is impossible – sort of like Finding Wally!

Musicians, actors, and many more famous people! Their belongings could be anywhere!



Expected, and very possible: Beatles’ memorabilia is very likely to be found in one of our storage units in Liverpool. Could you imagine an extremely rare and valuable Beatles piece of merchandising sitting safely at Smart Storage? We can! That’s why it’s always important to us to make sure that both our staff and the 24/7 CCTV system work together perfectly. Which they do!

Are you a Liverpool FC fan? You might find signed and framed shirts, historic newspapers, and everything else a huge fan would be ecstatic to own. And don’t forget about the possibility of Cilla Black memorabilia! Here at Smart Storage, we know that all of our units are very well protected, safeguarding all of these historic and precious treasures.



Bond, James Bond.

Alright, so Daniel Craig wasn’t born on the Wirral. But he spent the majority of his formative years in Hoylake, even playing for the Hoylake RFC Rugby Union Club. Which not only counts but could also mean that, somewhere in one of our units, someone owns the actor’s memorabilia.

Elvis – Costello, not Presley – is a popular singer who lived on the Wirral. There might be some of his memorabilia in storage units in the Wirral. We wouldn’t be surprised!

Insert “shaken not stirred” martini joke here. Which we know James Bond would totally appreciate.



Victorian history is a-plenty in Widnes. From its architecture to cricket players, such as Johnny Briggs, you might find some centuries’ old objects. If you love science, then let’s not forget 19th-century chemists’ like Ludwig Mond and Charles Glover Barkla. Both very important to chemistry and physics, with the latter receiving a Nobel prize in Physics in 1917.



Ah, Preston. Home to Europe’s biggest bus station and Sir Tom Finney’s hometown. This famous footballer was very loyal to his League club and he is still one of England football’s most well-known players. If you fancy a bit more of ‘gore-y’ story, the father of the notorious outlaw Butch Cassidy lived in Preston, which might contribute to some interesting items!

Not an accurate representation of Butch Cassidy.



Known for its place in American military history, it’d be quite natural to find World War II items in one or two of Warrington’s storage units. And Oliver Cromwell also visited Warrington regularly around the time of the English Civil War!

But any book lover will be excited by knowing that Lewis Carroll was a Warrington lad. Could you imagine the possibility of an unknown manuscript sitting in a box inside one of our storage units?



Ever heard of actress Angela Cartwright? Well, she was born in Altrincham! Famous for her role as Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, one would love to think that some iconic pieces linked to the film could be found in storage.


There’s such a wide range of possibilities of what could be found in our storage units. From precious items to valuable memorabilia and other strange possessions, anything is possible! If you have your own valuable possessions to store, just get in touch with us and we’ll keep them safe and sound.