When venturing away from home on your holidays, it can seem daunting. Did you leave the iron on? Did you lock the back door? What about the cat flap? But most importantly, will all your important possessions be safe? A solution to this would be taking the stress out and renting a storage container. Holiday Storage can be a secure, convenient and certainly stress-free solution.


While you are relaxing by the pool with a cold drink on your jolly’s, you don’t want to be thinking about your valuables lying around at home. So, why not consider alternative storage? Our self-storage in Altrincham could be your holiday saviour.

No Need to Worry

The Facts Don’t Lie!

While scary, but true, the figures show that unoccupied homes during the summer provide the perfect opportunity for burglars. In fact, 75% of burglaries occur when a property is unoccupied or the owners are away. Scary, right? Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry; especially when it comes to your own valued possessions.


Security is Key

Of course, security is the main thing. An alarmed, 24-hour security system, with secure surrounding areas; what could be safer than a self-storage unit? No cheeky burglars getting in there! And even if they try, the alarm system will surely scare them off.


While You’re Away!

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. I mean, can you imagine if the pipes burst while you were sipping your sangria by the beach? Or a flood happens while you are flip-flop shopping in a Spanish village? Well, storage units don’t usually have plumbing, and if a flood happens we are well prepared!


As Time Passes…

Whether you are away for 2 weeks or 2 months, your belongings will get dusty and possibly damaged. Even though it may not seem long enough for damage to occur, life can bring unforeseen circumstances; not just burglars possibly entering your home, but what about pesky mould or damp? It happens.


Document it!

It’s not just your valuable possessions that can come under attack, but your documentation too! Whether a zombie apocalypse happens, or an outbreak of a rare virus, documents may be the last thing you worry about. However, these can be just as important, maybe more important if something were to happen. Going back to a possibility of flooding; imagine your car insurance paperwork, your birth certificate or your bank statements floating in your new addition of a river feature through the kitchen. Sounds pretty? But not too convenient.


Whatever the disaster, or burglar that likes the look of your house; with a secure storage unit, you do not need to fear! You can rest assured that all your personal possessions will be 110% safe. At smart Storage, our self-storage in Altrincham have all the solutions to your worries while you’re on your holidays. Well, we can’t go and turn the iron off for you.


From a small storage locker to a larger unit of over 5000 sq. ft. you name it, we have it! We can cater for any requirement. If you would like to know any more information about of extremely smart storage units, we would love for you to pick up the phone and have a chat with us! Or pop us a message, and we will get back to you!