Whether you consider yourself to be fashion-savvy or an avid wearer of socks and sandals, you may be experiencing style overload! We’ve all been there when your wardrobe doors won’t shut due to a hundred handbags or a thousand frocks, and it can be quite a fashion nightmare. Whether it’s a £2,000 Dior satin robe or a handmade £5 scarf, our clothes can be our treasured companions, with there being more than one reason why storing them appropriately can save you a fashion faux- pas or a clothing catastrophe…

Especially with the British Style Collective Clothes Show joining the monumental styles of Liverpool, wardrobes need to be as in line as the cobbles on Matthew Street and as bold as the eyebrows. Prepare yourselves, Liverpool, because storage units may not just be for the usual boxes and furniture… we’ve got all the solutions for your ‘clogged’ up wardrobe. It’s not Missoni Impossible…


Winter Wardrobe Warning!

Whether your fur coats are literally crawling out of the wardrobe or your winter wellies are walking off the shoe shelf, Anna Wintour would not be proud if your winter garments are still amongst this seasons frocks and dresses. If you treasure your winter stock enough as you should, you may consider letting them stay in their fabulous condition, cosy in storage. Your out-of-season staple pieces don’t deserve to be shoved under your bed until the snow miraculously falls again.  Make way for all the new summer slingbacks, cami dresses, woven basket bags and an array of sunglasses.

Passion for Fashion

Many can be seen venturing out to the supermarket in pyjamas, but at least they have the decency and style to match a pair of red-bottomed shoes with it, or have their makeup spot on. It’s safe to say the scousers have a passion for fashion, and if you approve, then you will no doubt agree with us that fashion should be adored just like a priceless piece of art. Keep it stored appropriately – you don’t want those pesky moths getting at your Manolos, a roof leak dripping on your Louis or even wrong temperatures tearing at your Tom Ford tote. A bit of TLC for your passion can go a long way.


Long Term Storage

A month-long trip to Milan sounds good, right? If you are a fashion-whizz you would be going nowhere else! If you take pride in the quality of your clothes, a trip away with just 15kg of luggage requires restriction. Your flatmate, sister or even your mum might think there’s no harm in borrowing your Hermes bag, while you are off sunning it up on your holidays, or even travelling for business. Think twice and get your clothes the storage they deserve while you are having the break you deserve.

Valuable Vintage

Some clothes aren’t even meant to be worn. This may sound ridiculous, but some people collect art, some may collect fine wines, some even collect stamps, and some people collect… clothes. Many pieces of clothing are considered art themselves, and some are way too expensive to even consider wearing. Many collectors of fashion have gone on to have their clothes in exhibitions and museums due to their beauty and uniqueness. If you are an avid vintage gatherer or a couture collector, getting storage for your exhibition pieces may be a bigger investment than you think.


British Style Collective

After 27 years, the Clothes Show has decided to honour Liverpool with its one in a kind show. Europe’s largest catwalk showcase and a festival of celebration for clothes will bring world famous models, celebrities, music acts and designers to the cobbled streets. What better reason to get your wardrobe to the star-studded stature it should be at? If you are a designer, working with the show in anyway, or even an attendee who seriously needs to sort your wardrobe out, smart storage could have the answer!  You want to be the McQueen of the show, right?

The show is arriving on the 7th to the 9th July, and IGM Model scouts are wandering about all weekend. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Ashley or Gigi, get smart, give your clothes the love and attention they deserve and this might be picked up!


If you would like to know any more information on how we can get you fashion-smart, simply give us a call or enquire online. We would love to have a chat! You could have your own fashion exhibit in no time.