Ahh, packing. That wonderful experience that you keep putting off because moving home has unearthed a million belongings you forgot you had. Have you ever sat in your room packing your boxes and thought: ‘I wonder how many mugs I could fit into a storage unit?’

We’re sure you have an impressive mug collection – we’re quite partial ourselves – and we want you to know that our storage units have more than enough space to house everything you own. Just how much space, you might wonder? Well, we were curious too so we did some calculations that you can find in this amazing, interactive infographic: ‘What Can I Fit into a Storage Unit?’.


Did you know one of our largest storage units has a volume of 675ft3? Here’s a cheeky look at some interesting facts of the items we tried to fit in these storage units:



Mmmm, doughnuts.

Who doesn’t love a delicious doughnut? We sure do! Did you know that the largest doughnut ever made weighed an impressive 1.7 tonnes and was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in its centre? It was an American-style jelly donut, and we can only imagine how difficult it was to assemble.

This fact is a bit, well, strange. But, did you know that the French used to call their doughnuts ‘Nun’s farts’? We know, it’s very strange! The French expression, ‘Pet de Nonne’ relates to deep-fried fritters that are different than the circular shape we’re used to seeing.

So adorable and delicious!



Collecting vinyl records is still considered to be a worthwhile hobby that can see you finding some truly rare records. Recently brought back into mainstream popularity, you can buy vinyls in most High Street shops again.

Traced back to the 19th century in France, vinyl recordings are older than expected. And the first 12-inch recording on a vinyl was Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony played by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski in 1931. 



With an estimated 7.4 billion people in the world – a number which is sure to have increased since it was projected last November – it’s no wonder that you might find your local shops to be a bit crowded. What’s more interesting, or perhaps slightly terrifying, is that humanity only reached it’s first billion in 1804.

So, it took us all of our history up to the early 19th century to reach a billion, but only 212 years to get it to 7.4 billion. This represents two billion people in 1927, three in 1960, four in 1974, five in 1987, and six in 1999. Pretty insane!

Yes, definitely a LOT of people.


Here’s the sneak peek of our cool ‘What Can I Fit into a Storage Unit?’ infographic. Be sure to see the full version for the amazingly complicated math we calculated just for you. If you have anything you want to store securely, just talk to us and we’ll make sure you find a unit that fits your requirements.