Shoebox Ideas & Projects, otherwise known as the Altrincham Shoebox Appeal, is a non-profit organisation which sends shoeboxes filled with gifts to OAPs and under-privileged children. The Facebook group offers innovative ideas and a sense of community for the individuals who get involved in these fantastic projects.

Testimonial: Shoebox Ideas and Projects | Smart Storage Blog

The organisation takes donations of shoeboxes, which are then distributed to those who will benefit from them the most.

Jess Doyle is the brains behind this fantastic operation and approached us after seeing our signs and has been renting her unit for a year.

For Jess, one of the best things about Smart Storage isn’t just the fantastic storage options at great prices. Jess says “the staff are really friendly and really helpful” – she even gave a special shout out to one of our team members, Jon who she says played an important part in her decision to choose us.

One of the things we’re most concerned with is that our clients’ businesses benefit from their experience with Smart Storage, and that’s something that Jess feels is true for Shoebox Ideas & Projects. In fact, she stated that our self-storage has helped them grow as “we are able to store more and we can even work on site!”. Jess even said that Smart Storage allows her to “function perfectly.” – that’s just what we like to hear!

Jess said that being close to our Altrincham location means that “I can pop in whenever I need to!”, which is great for us to hear as it means that being in such a great location truly does help our clients.

Testimonial: Shoebox Ideas & Projects | Smart Storage Blog

Best of all, Jess knows that the items she stores in her storage unit are safe and sound. This is definitely a concern for her as she is storing donations for the shoebox appeal, gifted by generous people. The CCTV, top-quality padlocks and alarms within our facility put Jess’ mind at ease when she locks up and leaves her storage unit.

We are delighted that Jess is so happy with our storage facilities in Altrincham and we look forward to working with her and Shoebox Ideas & Projects for many more years to come!

You can visit Shoebox Ideas & Projects’ Facebook page for more information.

You can also visit their Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal Fundraising page if you would like to donate.