Preston Phoenix Roller Sports Club is a volunteer-run organisation who teach roller skating to people who can’t skate or who haven’t skated for many years. Offering four accreditation levels with certificates, Preston Phoenix Roller Sports Club also offer a roller disco class and a roller hockey coaching session. These classes are held on Saturdays, with a team of 15 to 20 players who have already played three tournaments across the UK. Roller disco birthday parties for up to 40 people are also available.

Roller Skating
The owner, Kevin Thomas, has been with us here at Smart Storage in our Preston location since October 2016, after looking at three other facilities but deciding on ours after his Secretary spoke with our very own Paul Whittaker. Kevin says that Smart Storage was “the only one to help us like this, to which we thank you” and we’re glad we could help him, too!

Having found us through a local Google search on Preston storage facilities, Kevin uses his storage unit to store hockey goals and other hockey equipment that isn’t used frequently. With two trailers containing disco lights, hockey equipment, skates, music, mats, and more, Kevin says that “if we did not have this facility we would struggle to keep all that we need.”

Operating on Saturdays only from 1pm to 5pm, Kevin says that they might need to collect equipment for players from storage and having a unit with us is “handy as it’s not far from Preston College”, where the Preston Phoenix Roller Sports Club operates from.

Kevin states that the benefits of having a unit with us here at Smart Storage are that he can keep their “hockey kit that enables us to take on new players and saves them the initial cost of buying it themselves, which is a real benefit to the families.” In addition, Kevin also says that “without the storage, we would struggle to operate roller hockey and, as we are the only one in Preston, it would be a shame.”

With his unit, Kevin has been able to “expand our hockey squad and keep more equipment. As new players join, we kit them out so the parents do not have to outlay for an expensive kit for them. If they continue the parents can buy the kit gradually.”

When asked if he would recommend Smart Storage, Kevin stated that he “would definitely recommend Smart Storage and, in fact, we did do and a Graham Connelley has moved his storage from Red Scar to Smart Storage. This was based on cost, unit size, location and access.” We’re very happy to hear that Kevin is so pleased with our facilities that he has already recommended us! Kevin adds that we also “sell boxes and other goodies that are a value-add and at a good cost.”

And we’re also very glad to hear that Kevin likes our “good parking and access to the storage units”, and that our staff are very friendly, helpful and always want to go the extra mile.” We are, of course, always proud of our brilliant staff and how much work they do, a fact that Kevin has noticed. He’s also noticed how we keep our units “very safe and secure, due to the all-around protection, staffing, alarms and locks provided. Good to also see who is going in and out with your system.”


 You can visit Preston Phoenix Roller Sports Club’s Facebook page for more information.