Silvertown Health are a business who trade in food supplements, supplying their own range of items which are sold directly to the general public, either through their website or over the phone.

Preston Business Customer Spotlight: Silvertown Health | Smart Storage Blog

Launching in 2009, the company has gone from strength to strength with their premium and niche health supplements, today they boast thousands of satisfied customers, continuing to grow. And Smart Storage have a little something to do with it. Want to know what Steven Wilson has to say about our facilities and how we have helped their fantastic business?

Steven chose Smart Storage due its combination of office, self-storage and the parking facilities, as well as the competitive rates when it came to rent. After finding our services online, he soon came to realise just how much our services can benefit him and his business. When we asked him how exactly our facilities proved advantageous and helped Silvertown Health, he replied:

“Reduces the cost and time of having an office separate to a storage facility as most office lets did not offer this service. The reception area been open between 8 – 6 is also helpful for deliveries and post”

When we asked him about how Smart Storage and our facilities has helped his business grow he stated that it has not had a direct impact on the growth, however, by utilising our services it:

“offers the options to expand office and storage facilities if required, which indirectly helps grow a business”

Silvertown Health uses Smart Storage in Preston to carry out their development and marketing of new and existing products, with the office facility offering a secure environment in which to carry out their day to day work. Since 2015, their business has been making good use of the Smart Storage facilities, and with location being such a big factor for them, Preston was the perfect position. Steven said:
“It was important that the location was central for travelling and the journey times were kept to a minimum both for me and staff employed. With it being central it’s also ideal for public transport”

On top of them finding the secure facilities, parking and manned reception to be of superb benefit to them, the access is also a great asset.

Steven finds the location handy for lunch breaks, and described it as a typical city centre environment. Easy to nip out for a sandwich or a coffee!

In terms of our security, Steven feels like all the items and products they sell are particularly secure at Smart Storage Preston and that everything within the premises are extra safe, always. In his own words, when we asked Steven if he felt the items were secure, he responded with:
“Yes, very secure. CCTV and police connected alarm etc with key pad entry”

Overall, Steven said he would recommend Smart Storage to anyone, due to all the reasons detailed within this blog. He feels the staff are a credit, always happy to help and always portray a professional image.

Here at Smart Storage, we are ever so delighted that Steven is more than happy with our self-storage facilities in Preston, and we look forward to carrying on working with Silvertown Health for many more years.

You can visit Silvertown Health’s website for more information or even get in an order! Alternatively, you can even check out their Facebook page for more information, handy health tips, updates on products and the latest offers!