The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) is a wonderful UK charity that offers help to parents and parents-to-be in various ways. It not only supports new parents with antenatal and postnatal classes, but they also have lots of other schemes that give parents accurate information, so they can decide what’s best for them and their little one.

As well as offering practical assistance, they also provide emotional support and a foundation to network with other parents from a local area. They have a vision of ‘a world in which no parent is isolated, and all parents are supported to build a stronger society.’ You go NCT!

One of their successful schemes is the Baby Bundle Scheme, and here at Smart Storage, we had a little something to do with keeping the babies smiling, and the parents too!



What is the Baby Bundle Scheme?

 NCT Preston, Fylde and District offer a superb parent package to help and support struggling families within the area. It consists of an emergency package including packs of toiletries, clothes and equipment for pregnant women and families in times of need.

This fabulous scheme gives a helping hand to expectant parents, new parents, as well as families who need a little help. In addition to the essential baby items, they also provide essential help in other ways by offering a place to forge friendships and emotional support, which a lot of the time is just as important as the material aspect.

 Why is it So Important?

The first 1,000 days of a baby’s life is widely accepted as being the most vital, but it can also be the most challenging. As a parent, there are probably a million worries and thoughts flying through your new-baby-brain. While starting a family and bringing a baby into the world can be an exciting and easy time for many families, for others it can bring hardships, even more so if you are in particularly difficult circumstances.

Many of NCT’s scheme recipients can afford very little for their new babies or young toddlers, with many families living in poverty, temporary accommodation, and they may even experience homelessness.

This is why the Baby Bundle Scheme is so important; the gift of a baby bundle can take a massive load off a new family’ shoulders and can make for a better start in life for a child.


 How Does Smart Storage Help?

 Smart Storage Preston donated a storage unit to NCT to help their scheme benefit from being as plain sailing and as efficient as possible. They use the unit to store any donations and supplies for the Baby Bundle scheme, including anything from baby clothes to toys and any equipment.

All the items stored are given free of charge to local families, which are made through referrals from health and welfare services. The Baby Bundle Scheme has been going through changes as of late, and over the last few months, heading towards further development. It’s expected that the scheme will soon be running alongside support from the Chorley and Leyland NCT Branch.

How Can You Help?

Fostering a community is important, especially when it comes to building a network to support new families and parents. If you would like to contribute to NCT’s Baby Bundle Scheme, you can do so in a few different ways.

Firstly, any donations are happily welcome. This could be anything from toiletries to clothing and equipment for the mother, father, and child. Financial donations are also extremely appreciated.

A £10 donation can become £12.50 with gift aid, which can buy a new Moses basket mattress, some breast or maternity pads, a baby wipe pack and a baby brush set.


But it’s not just donations that help the scheme; any contacts with companies or organisations who may want to support them are equally helpful.

You can visit the NCT’s website here, find out more about the Baby Bundle Scheme in Preston here or, if you are interested in helping out, donating or using your business to help, you can email the team at