Ah, Halloween. The most terrifying time of the year! And nothing escapes this day, not even storage units! Our storage facilities, to the best of our knowledge, are free from hauntings but the same can’t be said for other units around the world, with people reporting terrifying sightings. The following are only some of most haunted self-storage facilities – read if you dare!

Jim Bob’s Warehouse

Yes, we know, who is Jim Bob? We don’t know, but he reported ghost activity at his facility on Yahoo! Answers. Jim Bob rented a storage unit for his pool supplies and, upon visiting, he always found his belongings moved or on the floor. Needless to say, he wasn’t best pleased! One day after returning from a holiday, his unit was completely ransacked and he complained to the owner.

The storage facility owner, however, stated that Jim Bob had the only key to access his unit. After – understandingly – feeling very curious as to what could be happening, Jim Bob set up cameras inside his unit. What he found was an unidentifiable white mist, moving around in his unit and moving his things. Spooky…..!


Warehouse in Oakland

In an unknown warehouse in Oakland, California, a worker named Shannon was convinced that the third floor of the self-storage facility was haunted. She reported hearing many weird noises and, one night, the alarm went off on the third floor. Shannon investigated but found nothing, only an empty hallway. However, after checking the CCTV footage, she saw a bright flash of light before the screen went blank at the exact moment that the alarm went off. Another flash of light could also be seen before the screen went back to normal just in time for Shannon to be seen coming out of the lift.


Self Storage Facility in Sheffield

Recently given a place in the city’s top ten most haunted places, this storage facility was built on the grounds of an old cinema. Sightings have been reported on Mr Porter, a former employee of the cinema. People report seeing him going to the bathroom and operating the projector in the old projection room, the latter which has been empty for years.


Baton Rouge Storage Units

Previously the Baton Rouge General Hospital, these storage units are known for being haunted. The old morgue freezer was turned into a file storage facility, with the rest of the bottom floor was converted into a few offices and a cafeteria. Although the freezer is gone, security guards working on the premises report temperature drops only on that floor. And as any ‘ghost hunt’ or paranormal lover knows, cold spots are seen as ghost activity indicators.

To add more fuel to this paranormal fire, strange sounds have also been reported coming from this area, with the lifts also working on their own when no one is in the building.



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