Altrincham is full of culture, history, and beautiful surroundings, and while we don’t have Superman or Batman gracing us with their presence, the market town has its own local heroes who save the town in their own way.

In any community it takes time, commitment, and the work of volunteers. Batman must face the Joker, Superman has his Kryptonite, but above all Altrincham has litter… and this group of people use their skills to defeat the town’s villain of rubbish, proving that by coming together as a community you really can conquer all!

Not all superheroes wear capes- they sometimes wear high vis jackets!


What a Load of Rubbish!

Local community group, Our Altrincham, are masters in litter picking. They utilise their own spare time outside of working their normal 9-5s, taking to the streets of Altrincham equipped with bin bags and litter pickers to clear them.

The town’s very own superhero squad regularly meet to remove litter from the streets and other green spaces, making a real difference to their local environment.

The group has taken part in many milestones over the years and holds regular meetings, such as the Great British Spring Clean. They also take part in many other charitable events in the Altrincham community such as Altrincham Festival Support and fundraising for the Altrincham Gateway project.

Just as Batman stopped the Joker’s laugh and Superman stood up to Lex Luthor, this group of heroes recently achieved the marvellous milestone of clearing a whopping 2,000 bags of rubbish!


Mission to Success

After clearing their monumental 2,000th bag of rubbish, the group received huge pats on the back from everyone in the community, a sense of pride, and a big thank you from Keep Britain Tidy’s Chief Executive, Allison Ogden-Newton.

She said:

“On behalf of our charity – and the millions of people who hate to see our beautiful country ruined by thoughtlessly discarded rubbish – I would like to thank the litter heroes of Our Altrincham for their amazing work.

“Their efforts are mirrored by groups across the country and are a clear message that many people do care about the environment on their doorstep and are willing to take action to improve it.”

The Leader of Trafford Council, Sean Anstee also added:

“I offer my congratulations to the team of volunteers who reached this milestone. Volunteers contribute so valuably to helping keep our Borough clean and tidy and work undertaken by Our Altrincham continues to demonstrate a genuine desire to bring people together and improve our environment. On behalf of the Council, I extend our gratitude and thanks.”


Why is Decluttering So Important?

As we all know, helping the environment through actions such as litter-picking is extremely important, and seeing people take action surely gets the message across about how important it is to put that crisp packet or water bottle in the nearest bin.

Decluttering our community space is vital to not only keep our outdoor spaces as beautiful as possible, but as they say: “Clean space, clean mind.” This mantra really does speak a whole lot of truth, both in community green spaces and in the home.

Just as with cleaning our outdoor environments, clearing your home and removing any unwanted clutter can create space for the new. Whether this be an old sofa, or boxes of clutter in your attic, creating a clean and tidy space creates a pathway for success!

If you would like to know more on how you and your home can feel rejuvenated by a good old fashioned clear out, you can read our previous blog post here.

Here at Smart Storage, we don’t just believe that community spirit is crucial, but we also think that decluttering space is important for helping the environment and enabling a clean and free mind.

Our storage units in Altrincham provide a huge range of options for self-storage, whether for a charity, home or business. So, if you’re looking for storage in Altrincham to clean up your indoor space, get your free and instant online quote today!