Great British Communications is a company which provides a range of services to the mobile telecommunications industry, including planning, buildings and maintenance services. Despite being a young company, having been founded in 2012, Great British Communications works for a number of large, household names.

As a Smart Storage customer, Great British Communications have storage units at our Widnes store totalling 800sqft, giving them plenty of space to store their equipment.

Smart Storage Widnes

As their team carries the latest, high-quality equipment, it is essential that they have somewhere safe, secure and accessible to store it all. Richard from Great British Communications spoke to us about how Smart Storage has benefitted the company, and security was obviously an important consideration. He told us that he feels that his equipment is safe at our location “due to the cameras and security gates.”

It is also important to Richard and the team that it is easy to access their equipment when they are travelling between jobs. Thankfully, Richard told us that our location is “easy to get to” and that “it allows us open access to our business”. In fact, Richard drives past our location every day – this is how he heard about us!

This easy-to-access location means that the team are able to drop in when they need so they can pick up the equipment they need for that day’s jobs. Richard stated, “some days we make multiple visits, sometimes, it can be twice a week.” Telling us that the location played an important role in the decision to come to Smart Storage, it seems as though things are working smoothly for Richard and the team.

We are pleased to hear that the Great British Communications team are doing well with the use of their storage space at Smart Storage. Richard even told us that self-storage has helped the business to grow as Smart Storage “provide the huge space we need and can’t provide ourselves”.

Richard and the team are clearly happy with the service that we provide, and he let us know that our staff are “really good and helpful”, which is great to hear! He even said that he would recommend us due to our flexibility.

It is great to know that our clients are benefitting from our services, and are even able to grow their businesses with the use of self-storage. We are sure that our self-storage facilities could be of excellent use to you and your business, so if you would like to find out more about us, why not take a look at our frequently asked questions?

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