The Web Studio is a web design company who offer a variety of different website design solutions. Everything from a start-up package to a full corporate website – The Web Studio provide it all!

This innovative digital company don’t just work with web design however, they also provide branding services, as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and online video.

As a loyal customer of Smart Storage in Altrincham, The Web Studio have not just made use of a storage unit, but an office space, which gives them the best of both worlds to get their digital work efficiently out into the world!


Their highly skilled team of digital gurus were looking for storage space in Altrincham when setting out on their mission. However, it just so happened that they were told about our wonderful office spaces too.

Since they work with all things digital it made sense that they did an online search for storage units in Altrincham, and there they found Smart Storage. They were thrilled when they discovered our facilities which were close to their previous office space.

Smart Storage have proven to be the perfect hub for The Web Studio as we supply close customer and staff parking, and we’re able to accept deliveries when a member of their team isn’t around.

David Bellin, owner of The Web Studio told us about a typical day in their fabulous business. They usually work from the office space here at Smart Storage and have meetings here – whether with clients or internally.

The space within the office allows them enough room to do all this comfortably and efficiently.


They have been a customer of ours for just under a year and we were super happy when they responded to a few of our feedback questions about our services.

When asked what they think about our staff and their attitude, David responded saying that they are all “friendly, approachable” and have a “can-do attitude”.

When we asked if they would recommend Smart Storage, we were told that he certainly would and that he does so already, mainly because of the great costs and the friendly staff.

David also said: “Smart Storage help by having an all-inclusive price on the offices.

While they opted to invest in an office space with Smart Storage first, they then used the storage facilities to give them more space in the office. How Smart!

We also asked David Bellin if he felt that his items were secure in the storage facilities as opposed to the office space previously. He said: “Yes, I can have different access codes for each member of staff which helps.

It’s always great to know that our clients are benefiting from our services and can go about their day-to-day business efficiently and smoothly while expanding their prospects.

If you would like to know any more information about The Web Studio you can see their website here. They also have Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can make sure you keep up with what they are up to!

We are sure that our services could benefit any business similar to that of The Web Studio, so if you would like any further information on how we can help you, we would love to hear from you!


We would love to use our “can-do attitude”, as David phrases it, to help you find the perfect business storage unit or office space in Altrincham.

You can give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get in touch.