At Smart Storage, we provide a variety of options when it comes to your storage options, and one of these includes business storage.  As a business, loss prevention is a core component of your business strategy as obvious as that may sound. This is especially the case for retail businesses, as a large percentage of profit losses can be attributed to theft – with a loss of £613 million in only one year as a result of customer theft.

That’s a lot of money and with it you could make a few blockbuster movies, buy a castle (or a small flat in London), or even visit the moon. Safe to say preventing this loss should be a vital component of your business.

There are many ways which you could try to curve this loss prevention, such as increased security, CCTV or asset spreading. The method which you choose for loss prevention can depend upon the extent of the risks your assets face. At Smart Storage, we’re here to help, our friendly staff are happy to help you acquire the exact storage you need. One rubber duckie per storage unit is a bit excessive, after all.

So, how does spreading your business assets help with loss prevention in the long term?

Businesses at Risk

Every business carries with it the risk of loss, however, there are some that are more vulnerable than others. Factories, warehouses, shops, construction and agricultural businesses, in particular, are targets of theft. This is a result of either easy access (such as in stores) or the high value of the theft (such as goods stored in warehouses or tools from construction). It is for these types of businesses that spreading the risk of loss would be most effective.

It is for you to assess the risks to your business. So, if you can’t risk the loss of the 2 million rubber duckies you currently have in store, then don’t put them all in the same pond!

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Risk Avoidance

When considering loss, avoidance of it altogether is always the first consideration that a business will have. Avoidance being the optimum result for the business – much like you avoid your mother when she’s mad at you.

However, for many starting out in the online retail business, you may find that your storage is also your home; doubling the risk. Not only are your business assets vulnerable, but so too are your personal assets. This risk can be avoided altogether with storage away from your home. Here at Smart Storage, our unique and cost-effective business storage ensures you always have enough space to meet customer demands and helps you separate your work from your home.

Not only does this enable you to avoid the loss risk as your goods are much more secure, 24/7 CCTV, location, but you can also avoid looking like a hoarder (at least at home).

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Risk Spreading

The real advantage of using storage units as well as onsite facilities, or even a number of storage units, is the spreading of risk.

At Smart Storage, we cater to businesses across the North West. As such, our business storage is a simple and affordable solution. This is especially convenient if you also have different sites across the region, as you will be able to store the equipment or stock needed for each individual venue at our various warehouse sites.

We are able to provide safe, secure and affordable storage solutions in Preston, LiverpoolWarringtonAltrinchamWidnes, and the Wirral, meaning that no matter where you are in the North West, you will be able to find a business storage unit in your area!

Get in touch with us today to see our facilities for yourself to find a storage solution for all your business needs.