Document storage changing the world may sound like a bold claim but bear with us on this one. Now, we are probably all aware of the news stories that were around a few years ago involving MPs losing important and confidential documents on trains but, believe it or not, they are not the only people to manage to lose some pretty important and valuable documents. Here at Smart Storage, we will tell you some stories of famous work which has been lost over the years, due to not being securely stored.


Nikola Tesla and the Great Fire

Nikola Tesla may be one of the best-known inventors and scientists to have lived, and it’s not surprising considering his developments in the way we use electricity. Sadly, for Tesla, he didn’t have a local business storage where he could store his life’s work.

In 1895, a mysterious fire broke out in Tesla’s New York apartment building, destroying his lab and years’ worth of work. It was estimated that the value of the equipment and work lost was $50,000.

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The Gospel Source and its Equivocal Existence

The legitimacy of the Gospels, and indeed the rest of the biblical scriptures, has long been a topic of much debate. However, it is thought that there is some source material that is missing. The idea is that the Gospels of Matthew and Luke share many of the same quotes, stories and parables, so they may have been referencing the same document, known as the Q Document.

If this document did exist, it would have huge implications as the parts that are thought to be from it make up some of the most important and central themes of the Bible, such as the Lord’s Prayer and parables told by Jesus. In fact, the document is thought to largely be composed of things Jesus said, rather than stories of his life. While nobody can be certain that this document ever existed, if it did, it would be a hugely valuable thing to keep hold of.

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Ernest Hemingway and His Ill-Fated Suitcase

Ernest Hemingway was an American author, best known for books including The Old Man and the Sea, A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises. He wrote a huge number of novels, letters, non-fiction and short stories in his lifetime, but his bibliography would be somewhat larger if it weren’t for an unfortunate incident involving his wife and a suitcase.

Before heading off to Switzerland to meet up with her husband, Hemingway’s wife decided to pack up all his written but unpublished work and pack it away in a suitcase so he could work on his writing over Christmas. As she attempted to begin her journey from Paris to Switzerland, the suitcase was stolen from the train station and the early works of Ernest Hemingway were never seen again.

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The Library of Alexandria and the Many Fires

The Ancient Library of Alexandria was one of the largest libraries of the ancient world and was first established in the 3rd century BC in Egypt. The huge library contained pretty much anything that had ever been written up until that point in time and was thought to contain between 650,000 and 1 million scrolls. Impressive, right?

Unfortunately, during this point in history, the ancient world had a bit of a thing for burning cities to the ground during conquests. It’s thought that the great library was partially or completely burned down four times. The Egyptians attempted to rebuild their collection multiple times, but after the fourth time, they had probably had quite enough of that and decided to pack it all in, meaning that hundreds of thousands of scrolls including details of ancient life has been lost forever.