When you think of storage units, you may only think of storing possessions for convenience, security, and to free up some space. However, there are plenty of quirkier ways that people are choosing to utilise their units, and they are reaping plenty of rewards as a result.

In recent years, there’s been a move away from thriving and ambitious entrepreneurs renting out conventional business premises and they are instead choosing to use business storage units as the key location for both their start-ups and already-flourishing companies.

A desire to move out of their home office is strong for these determined individuals, but sometimes the start-up capital just isn’t enough to sustain a long-term lease, and the desire to work somewhere a little more unconventional is also an enticing concept.

So if you’re getting plans together to start a new business but are struggling to get your hands on conventional business premises, or are running into issues with long-term agreements, storage units could be the ideal space for you to test the waters without paying business rates and utility bills. And, hey, they’re pretty darn cool!

Here are some businesses that Smart Storage have already discovered as ones that can be run from storage units, so why not add yours to the list?

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Storage units are the perfect choice for those running their own online shop or selling products through third-party services such as eBay and Amazon. E-shop owners are surrounded by important and precious online products that are often listed on various online channels, so keeping them safe and organised is super important!

Renting a storage unit allows you to run your business securely while saving you space at home. A further benefit is that it allows you peace of mind from knowing that your products – and business – are safe.


Did you know storage units are an ideal solution for financial companies, such as an accountancy? Being surrounded by clutter can give you a headache, but this space allows secure document shredding in a safe and secure location, allowing the business to run smoothly.

Fixing Companies

Whereas some of us are still struggling to understand what the acronym DIY stands for, there are many individuals who are blessed with the skills to fix just about anything that has been put in front of them. However, for them to do this, space is needed to operate on the product; especially if tiny parts and tools are needed to complete the job.

If this is done at home, it can be tricky to store all the things that are needed and could use up space that can transform what was once a relaxing atmosphere into a workshop. A storage unit provides the perfect location to store all the parts and tools you require, whilst also allowing enough space to complete the project.

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Photo Studios

Finding the perfect location for your photography business can be a difficult task but fortunately, the ideal solution can be found in a place you may never have considered before. For the keen photographers among you, storage units can provide the ideal setting needed to capture the perfect picture – you will be taking pictures like Annie Leibovitz in no time!

With proper backdrops and lighting being a key element to produce great photos, storage units provide space for these to be in place.

Content Writing

When you think of where writers go to write, you might immediately think of a coffee shop location (courtesy of J K Rowling and her affinity for the Elephant House in Edinburgh, for example). But storage units can also provide a great place for those who are seeking solitude to boost their creative minds. Bring along a laptop, a notebook, and write away!

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So, are you someone who’s serious about getting their business off the ground? With Smart Storage solutions in Liverpool, Wirral, Widnes, Preston, Altrincham and Warrington, we can provide what you need. Get in touch with a member of our team today!