It’s good to know how far away you are from certain things, such as knowing how quickly you can grab some milk and sugar for your morning brew – no-one can live without that!

But, have you wondered what the optimal distance to be from your business storage unit is? If not, then it’s time for you to learn, oh wise one! We discussed something similar in a previous blog, but we’ll be rolling with the big guns in business today. Not literally with big guns… we don’t think that would be appropriate in this situation.

Remember That Storage is Local

This was briefly covered in the blog that was mentioned previously, but it is an important one. The CEO of Smart Storage, our Mike Wilson, is one of the board members of the Self Storage Association – go on, Mike! The SSA, in short, are an association that helps to continually grow the storage industry.

A few years ago, the SSA released a report that focused on the marketing of self storage around the UK, and the results were interesting. It was found that 85% of people that used self storage wanted to travel 15 minutes or less, and more than 50% wanted to travel less than 10 minutes.

This kind of makes sense; you wouldn’t want to make an hour round trip to just pick up or drop off a few boxes. THINK ABOUT THE FUEL!!!


Think About Your Business Assets

As a business, you want to make sure that your assets, whether it is some of your office equipment that you’re keeping in storage due to a renovation of your current premises or some of your valuable stock, is as safe and secure as possible.

In certain circumstances, storage units are better to have than warehouses, so it is important to consider these benefits when protecting your assets. One is that storage units are local, which can aid your business, but you don’t want to be too close so that criminals will know the whereabouts of your valuable items.

Full Garage

What is the Answer to the Question?

What question?

Oh, the optimal distance for your business to be from your storage unit? Well, to be frank, it can be considered a trick question. Want to know why? Because we’ve had people start up their own businesses inside a business storage unit. So, in fact, the optimal distance, in this case, is within your storage unit. Funny, eh?

But, on a serious note, there is no definitive answer to this question. You can be so close that you are physically inside your storage unit – so that you can be like Gollum and make sure that none of your precious belongings leave your sight – or you can be a little further away, and be safe in the knowledge that your business assets will be protected and safe on a round-the-clock basis.

That’s right! The business storage units that we provide here at Smart Storage have 24/7 CCTV, to make sure that people that shouldn’t have access don’t get their dirty, stinking paws on your business belongings.

To finish it off, if you are thinking of using a business storage unit with Smart Storage, then there isn’t a specific optimal distance; Smart Storage is available throughout the entire North West, so you’ll never be far from one of our specialist storage units.

We are located in various areas around the North West, with business storage units in Preston, Liverpool, Wirral, Widnes, Warrington and Altrincham. If you want to have a chat with us about what you want from our storage units, then make sure to contact us today, and one of our storage masterminds will be happy to help you.