Us brits have many issues; how to make a ‘proper’ cup of tea (milk first, water first?) how to eat a Jaffa cake properly, (full moon, half-moon…) the decision to hit the gym in January or not… (oops)  However, above all these very British problems, Valentine’s Day has got be up there, and there’s definitely more than one issue with this day. You’ve either got no one to spend the day with and therefore settle for Ben & Jerrys for one (which sounds amazing!), or like many of us here at Smart Storage, there’s simply too much love.

Don’t let the abundance of gifts, flowers and cards stress you out, because Smart Storage have you covered. Our love for our customers is as big as some of our storage units. And that’s big. Our present to you is super smart storage solutions!

The Bigger Gifts

Cards and small gifts are all well and good for us lucky valentines, but what do you do with those bigger gifts? The life size teddy bears holding hearts, or even the oversized inflatable tigers need somewhere to live and to still feel the love. Smart Storage have units which are big enough to hold all those presents which can’t fit in your home.

Secure Document Shredding

At Smart Storage, we will make sure that no one gets to read all those soppy messages from your mystery admirers. We provide secure document shredding and will shred large sacks for only £6! I mean you can’t keep all of the cards forever, right?

You can even get a destruction certificate to serve as a romantic memory.

Safe and Secure Storage

For all of you lucky people who have too many gifts, we understand the importance of being able to store your wealth of presents somewhere safe and secure. Well you’re not just lucky in love, you’re lucky in life, because Smart Storage have super secure units. All the storage units are individually alarmed with 24-hour security.

They may be stealing your heart, but they aren’t stealing your gifts!

v day dog

Self Storage Preston

Calling all Preston romantics!

Did you know that Preston is the most romantic place in Lancashire? Valentine’s Day is surely set be a hot one in the city!

Who knew the north-west had it? We may have freezing temperatures but were obviously heating up for romance!  It’s a good job we supply self-storage in Preston then!

v day hearts

If you have received too many gifts this Valentine’s Day, get in touch with our team. Just give us a ring- on the phone of course. (we know you love us too, but we’ll keep it strictly business). We would LOVE to hear from you. Especially you Preston romantics; our self-storage in Preston is waiting for all your gifts, as long as you haven’t been gifted with firearms, combustibles, chemicals, compressed gas, illegal substances, illegally obtained items and living creatures….

Well, with the weird presents that some people receive on Valentine’s day, it wouldn’t be surprising.