Busy and bustling, market stalls are little hotspots of delightful goodies in every town. As a market trader, you don’t have the same space as a shop for all your stock and finding a secure location to store it is essential.

Your house might be spacious enough to hold your stock at first, but as you grow your business it becomes unacceptable to sleep in between boxes and boxes of your items. We’re sure you’re tired of stubbing your toe on them, which is why we provide secure, high-quality business storage units that are sure to keep all of your toes safe and sound!

During holiday and busy seasons, you are sure to want to increase your stock in preparation for the increased footfall of the season and for orders your trusty customers will place. Whether you’re Del Boy and Rodney needing space for your goods, or a more reliable market trader requiring extra space for the season, we’re here to help.


Storing Extra Stock

Typical market days are eventful, with many customers stopping by to buy from your stall. You can’t miss all the decorations already embellishing most buildings, and neither can your customers!

As you prepare your wares to sell during busy periods, you will need a safe storage space for your stock. Our units are spacious enough for all the stock you own, and our free parking ensures you can easily move your stock until you’re ready to set up your stall ready for busy market days.

 Keeping Your Items Secure

Throughout the year, there are many holidays to prepare for, meaning you need to keep your seasonal stock secure. This allows you to wait until it’s the right time to dazzle your customers. If you need somewhere to store your boxes, at Smart Storage we offer the perfect storage to suit your needs.

There’s no need to worry about storing your stock, we have cameras outside our units to make sure they stay put. We want you to be able to relax and focus on your stall and not to worry about having enough space for your decorations or stock.

Padlock on a storage unit

Making sure you have space for your stock is always essential; at Smart Storage we are firm believers of keeping your goods – and toes – safe from harm, so get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about how you can address your individual storage needs. Just give us a call; our flexible opening times are perfect for those early starts and late finishes!