Living Without Sight are a registered charity for the blind and partially sighted. They provide audio books, magazines, and a range of mobility aids. Isn’t that fantastic?

Roy Derbyshire is the main man at this charity, and a usual day for him consists of recording audio tapes and USBs, dealing with any phone enquires and much more. Alongside his busy schedule we are sure Roy makes time for a cuppa’ in between his hard work; especially because Smart Storage usually deliver their daily post and deal with any problems that may arise. We may or may not stay for a brew too!

Roy has been a customer of Smart Storage in Altrincham for just over 2 months now, and we want to tell you a bit about the wonderful charity he runs and how Smart Storage help.

Living Without Sight Charity Store Exterior

Living Without Sight, Registered charity 1120577 have a 315 sq. ft unit at our Altrincham location.

When we asked them why they chose us as their storage provider of choice, Roy said: “Loyalty, 24-hour access, a new build with safe alarmed building and car parking on site

They heard about Smart Storage through local advertisement and we love that they have found our services beneficial.

Having a manned reception for postal deliveries and visiting customers is excellent. We also love the all-inclusive rental price

Living Without Sight Ltd don’t just have a storage facility with us- they also find the office space super useful too! “Having the storage unit adjacent to the office presents easy access, which is great”. The location was a crucial factor for them when they moved their business to this location. (Not just for Smart Storage- now that would be an honour!)

The added safety of Smart Storages facilities also brings their charity more benefits.

“An all-inclusive rental price benefits our business needs and keeping costs down and less complicated. The safe, alarmed office space is also an added benefit to keeping all our valuable assets safe”.
He also has no worries with leaving his items at Smart Storage due to our high security.

The office is alarmed, and you need a unique access code for the building which is very secure. The CCTV in operation makes you feel even more secure too

Travelling, parking and the access is also a crucial factor. “Travelling is easy as I live locally, and the parking on-site is an advantage. The 24-hour access is useful

He also mentioned that the area is great too; it’s good to have a retail park so close by, and the links to the motorways make it easy to get anywhere.

Roy also thinks the Smart Storage bunch are a friendly group too, which is always great: “The staff are really friendly and helpful. This was key to us moving our business here, both in initial planning and helping us settle in to the area”.

We were over the moon when we also found out that Roy would recommend Smart Storage, and in fact had already done so. Their friend, in Roy’s own words ‘now has a storage unit for safe, clean storage

You can see more about Living Without Sight Ltd here.