You already know how many Cadbury Cream Egg Minis you can fit in a storage unit, which may come in handy with all the Easter chocolate awaiting you… But did you know that the Easter Bunny also needs storage space to fit in all his stuff?

A storage unit is an essential service for him, so he’s been a client of ours for a long time now. And he’s always busy during this time of year, so Smart Storage is more than happy to deal with the logistics of finding him the perfect storage space.

Are you curious to know what the Easter Bunny would want to store in our units?

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15 Square Feet Unit

What could he possibly want with a small storage unit such as our 15 sq ft one? Well, where else would he put his juicer? Before dropping off chocolate eggs and organising egg hunts all over the world, he needs to be in his best shape if he wants to keep up with all the excitement – what better way to do it than with a carrot juice diet for energy?

35 Square Feet

To keep his trampoline protected from April showers, the Easter Bunny needs a big enough storage unit to accommodate it – and still have enough space to invite all his friends to a trampoline party. All work and no play make for a very cranky Easter Bunny, so he loves to relax by jumping up and down on his trampoline when his paws cramp up from wrapping all that candy!

easter bunny with bowtie ready for storage

75 Square Feet

From giving happiness to children all over the world year after year, it’s no wonder that the Easter Bunny has been recognised by all his hard work with many well-deserved awards. A 75 sq ft storage unit is the perfect place to store his numerous recognitions!

150 Square Feet

With so much space in this unit, the Easter Bunny can easily keep some of his sweet treats safely stored and ready to go. Easter is the time for delicious marshmallows, and a unit of this size can keep them tasty until the end of Easter – and they won’t melt either, which you’ll certainly appreciate!

Make peanut butter sandwiches with pink and white marshmallows or toast them over the fire with your friends and family for a cosy Easter in; there’s no end to the versatility of these fluffy treats.

easter bunny stores marshmallow pop for easter

300 Square Feet

The Easter Bunny is very recognisable, which is fine during Easter. However, fame can be tough, so it’s understandable that he’d want to go unnoticed throughout the rest of the year – evading autograph-seeking fans can be hard when all you want is to chill and unwind after working so much again.

So, a unit this size can very easily store the Easter Bunny’s costumes, ready to be used when he needs them the most. Maybe you’ve crossed his path once before and didn’t notice!

600 Square Feet

What could the Easter Bunny keep in such a big space? Well, he does need a (secret) base of operations during Easter time! How else can he coordinate such a large-scale event? He needs space, as well as peace and quiet, to do his thing, as he’s working tirelessly around the clock to give kids the best candy ever.

His delivery system has to be complex, no doubt about it, so a 600 sq ft storage unit gives him the necessary space to lay out his map and delivery routes – what a logistic nightmare this would be without a spacious unit!

easter bunny needs storage for a

Another important thing the Easter Bunny needs is peace of mind. He can’t be worrying about his possessions when he’s out and about making your and your kids’ dreams come true. Smart Storage has a 24-hour security system that will keep his belongings safe at all times, so he only needs to worry about spreading joy – and we can keep your possessions safe too!

We have plenty more unit sizes available, so get a quote from Smart Storage in only a moment by telling us about your storage needs – if we can help the Easter Bunny find the perfect storage unit for him, we are confident that we can help you find yours!

And, what’s more, our introductory offer entitles you to 50% off for the first 8 weeks if you’re a new customer; what a bargain!

So, what you’re waiting for? Contact us or call us on 0808 301 7697 to learn more or, alternatively, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with what we’re up to – and check out our storage units on Vimeo!