Ah, Preston. The home of… what springs to mind? Well, apart from some fabulous self-storage units, believe it or not, there are many things that the city is famous for. From football greats to downright strange happenings (we’ll talk about the famous bollard later) Preston isn’t short of a thing or two happening, and when all is said and done, self-storage in Preston may be a necessity.

So, without further ado, what could we find in the average (or not so average) Prestonians storage unit?

Football Clobber

When you think of Preston, your brain may automatically think of PNE- Preston North End. When the average Prestonian isn’t treating themselves to a bargain bucket (The first KFC in the UK was opened on Fishergate in Preston!) you could find them cheering the many different chants down at Deepdale. We know you know them.

*And its Preston North End*

Sir Tom Finney, one of the city’s most famous residents was a loyal member of his league club and is still one of the most famous players to date.

Who knows what you could find in a PNE #1 Fans storage unit. A collection of shirts, boots, footballs and much more memorabilia, maybe?

The Lancashire Hotpots know…


Classic Comics

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a storage unit full of beloved comic collections in Preston. After all, Leo Baxendale, the English cartoonist and publisher was born and bred there.

Often referred to as one of Preston’s most creative sons, he first commissioned for the Beano in 1952 and he did a 10-year stint for the comic. There has got to be some homegrown comic fans out there in Preston. Everyone knows the female Dennis the Menace, right? Minnie the Minx.

Just as a little reminder here is Minnie the Minx now. She’s certainly advanced in technology!

This guy could do with one of our storage units for sure…


Butch’in It!

From funny to the ‘gore-y’, did you know that the father of Butch Cassidy, the notorious outlaw lived in Preston?

It was even said that Butch had a strong Lancashire accent. Ay Up!

There is no doubt that their storage unit could present some… interesting items.

Student Storage

Preston is home to many students. Students who are constantly moving to and from accommodation, in between home and their student digs and somehow squeeze in a few pints, a Friday night quiz, busting some moves in the club and getting a degree. Woah.

Students storage units in Preston could be filled with the stuff that frankly their parents are just getting sick of lying around. The students probably wish it was full of 9K. And renews every year.

Bollard Business

Are you ready for the weird? Well, Preston’s tweeting bollard is now in line for an award. Yes, that’s right- a tweeting bollard.

The concrete bollard in the centre of Preston has won over plenty of fans in the city and now has amassed 2,500 followers.

We hope it doesn’t roll off into one of our Preston storage units. If it carries on, it may need one of our storage solutions to hold all its awards. You go bollard!

Here is a video with more information about the award nominated bollard with dramatic background music and mentioning ‘some bloke’ called Harold….

Clay It All on The Table

Cheese Gromit! That’s right, the famous creator of Wallace and Gromit is from the promised land of Preston.

This Prestonian will go down in history as the man who always wore the wrong trousers, had too many close shaves and thought the moon was made from cheese. He deserves a Blue Peter badge!

In fact, he has one.

There may just be a storage unit full of clay, waiting for Park to make his next masterpiece, or even hosting many clay chickens, some clay wensleydale, and numerous Shaun the Sheep.

When it comes to the storage unit of a Prestonian, the weird and wonderful things we would find could go on and on. There’s bound to be some cricket fans with the Lancashire lad Freddy Flintoff being from Preston, and not to mention the Star Wars fans due to the legend that is Kenny Baker.

If you want to store any of your wonderful and wacky Preston-related things safely and securely, the team here at Smart Storage would be glad to help. As long as it doesn’t mean living things, perishables (including cheese!) firearms, illegal substances, combustibles and chemicals.