Archiving can be fun!

What, you don’t believe us?

Just think about it: you safely store business information that you don’t need right now and put it out of your mind, knowing it’s secure and ready to use at a moment’s notice. And the best thing about it, of course, is that you just freed up space in your office and can finally fit in that pool table you’ve had your eye on…

Archive storage might not sound glamorous, but it’s, in fact, a very important part of any business (and history)!

What is Archive Storage?

If you run a business, you know just how important it is that you have a place to keep all of your documents. Be it office records, personnel files or legal documents, it doesn’t matter why you choose to archive them – what’s important is that they’re safely organised and indexed for easy retrieval, as well as easy to understand and use.

So, simply put, archiving means storing information that is not needed for long periods of time – of course, this information can be used again when necessary! There are several advantages to using this type of service, which you can check out below.

Business Man with papers to archive and store

How Can You Benefit from Archive Storage?


Perhaps one of the most popular reasons that businesses store their archives. After all, as your business grows, your data will expand too, often outgrowing your office space. As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, archiving can free up this space, allowing you to focus on more important things than where to put this or that document.


Just how important is safety? Very, and we take it incredibly seriously. Knowing your important documents are secure will give you peace of mind to focus on your business without stressing about whether they’re damaged, stolen or seen by unauthorised personnel. Choosing your storage company wisely can guarantee you this!

brand new empty and tidy office with documents stored elsewhere


Sure, you can fill an office room with files you don’t even look at anymore or have drawers upon drawers bursting with papers. Or you can enjoy the convenience of placing your documents in a safe location, access them whenever you want, and not having them strewn everywhere. Your office will be tidier and more organised, making it easier to go about your normal workday.


You might be thinking, “why can’t I just keep the files in the office and save money?” Well, first of all, archive storage is not expensive. On the contrary, keeping documents you don’t need with you is not that safe and may cost you more money in the long run if they’re stolen, for example.

Secondly, if you prefer to keep your files with you, you may need to purchase new shelving, or even rent a new room in your building, just to have enough space for your documents. All of this costs money.

And, thirdly, do you really want more clutter in your office or do you want that sweet pool table? With all the money you can save by NOT having to buy extra storage furniture, you can get the best table out there!

pool table at the office

Archive Storage at Smart Storage

What can we do for you, you ask?

If you choose Smart Storage for your archive storage needs, we can protect your belongings with durable packaging and store any documents that are cluttering up your office space. We specialise in more fragile items as well, so your plasma TVs, CDs and DVDs, as well as mirrors, for example, will be safe in our hands. Any clothes you don’t want in your office, such as uniforms, will be safe, clean and crease-free too.

You get all the benefits outlined above when you choose us to store your files and documents. With 24-hour access available, you never need to worry about being unable to retrieve your own files, and we always have employees onsite to help with anything you need.

We also offer a refundable reservation fee and have a 24-hour security system, so you know your belongings are always safe.


At Smart Storage, we’re well aware of your archiving needs and strive to offer you the best solutions possible! We also aim to give you the necessary peace of mind to go about your day without stressing about your documents. So, when you store your information with us, we keep it safe and sound at all times.

With archive storage in Preston, you can start benefitting from our services today! Contact our friendly team to learn more about what we offer, get a quote or find out how much space you need with our space calculator.