Orange Physio is a company set up by Steve Stretton, one of our clients at our Warrington location. Steve has been using units from 35sqft to 400sqft in size for roughly two years, and he talked to us about his experience with our services.

We asked Steve about his business and what his day looks like. He answered:

“I used to work predominantly in marketing, building websites and helping businesses grow. As time went by, I started to design and create my own products and import them from the far east. This is the main reason I took on a unit at Smart Storage”.

orange physio
Steve shared with us a typical day, saying:

“It involves a few hours of product design, communication with suppliers and plenty of coffee! I use Smart Storage to keep all of my samples in one place, so if my customers have any complaints, or want to test some of my material choices, I’ve always got the unit on hand for quick access”.

We’re delighted to see just how useful the business storage service has been for Steve as an entrepreneur, so we asked Steve why he chose us for his storage requirements. He answered:

“Like most entrepreneurs… price! Well, price was the starting point, but as I had to spend some hours in the unit reworking stock, it really helped that they made plug sockets available so I could charge my laptop and play some music. Free Wi-Fi doesn’t hurt either!”.

We wanted to find out what it is about our services that have helped his business and why he has been a client for around two years. He stated:

“For a few months, I actually brought in a desk and worked inside the unit – this was invaluable as I got set up in the import business – it was important that I was close to the stock at all times. I’ve been able to receive full container loads of product into the unit direct from China. At the time of import, having that flexibility was essential for me – a unit big enough to hold a container of product, yet a flexible lease so I could downsize as the product began to sell”.

We know that flexibility is important for our clients, but we also know that good service sets us apart, so we asked Steve about the service he has received. He said:

“When you take a storage unit you really don’t expect customer service to play a big role. I thought that, and I was wrong. The team are really good – so many times I’ve needed some tools, or a bit of sellotape – or even a hand when putting up shelving. They’ve always been there to help. Countless times the team have made me a cup of tea and we’ve talked football, politics and business. A really great team that really give the impression that they want you to succeed – without the fake ‘sale at all costs’ attitude”.

This first-class service is something that we are proud of at Smart Storage. Steve even went on to say:

“On more than one occasion, I’ve not locked my stuff up and I’ve had a text from Mark to say ‘Steve, I’ve locked your unit for you again – let me know and I’ll give you the key!’”.

Steve is just one of the many customers who has benefitted from the excellent service that you receive at Smart Storage. We are thrilled to see our clients’ businesses thriving and this is certainly the case with Steve and Orange Physio.