Divorce is never easy.

And, when your home is filled with memories you created with your partner, as well as items you both bought together or received as gifts, it can be downright stressful.

Anything that can ease such a difficult time in your life is a great idea – believe it or not, a self-storage unit can be one of your greatest assets during a separation or a divorce.

At Smart Storage, we can help you by giving you excellent storage space and peace of mind at the same time. So, just check out below how you can benefit from these units and relieve, at least, a little bit of stress.

packed boxes for self storage

Protect Your Things

Organising everything that you’ve accumulated during your marriage can be complicated and time-consuming. And of course, as this is also a very difficult time in your life, we understand just how painful it can be to have to sort through your stuff… however, it needs to be done.

It’s so much easier to decide who gets what after taking inventory and, after that’s done and dusted, you can put what’s yours in storage in order to keep it safe. No one but you will have access to your possessions and with Smart Storage’s 24/7 security, you can relax knowing that they’re secure!

This means, of course, that, by putting your belongings in self-storage, you will be able to have one less worry playing in your mind. This way, you can avoid stressing out about where you’re going to place it all, from your clothes to that pricey dresser you just bought.

Important Documents Will Be Safe Too

Never underestimate the importance of keeping key documents in safe hands…

During your divorce, it can be easy to lose track of where you put this or that but, especially as this is one of the most emotional periods of your life (and can be flat-out messy sometimes).

Things may get lost, end up in the bin or missing. To prevent this, keep all of your important legal document in self-storage, so you always know where they are – and know that they’re secure!

Downsizing Will be Easier

After two people have been living together for a while and decide to divorce, it’s usual for each of them to go their separate ways and find new places to live.

As it’s often the case when separating or getting divorced, you may find yourself in the situation of having to make rapid-fire decisions when it comes to your belongings. After all, you’re likely looking to move someplace smaller, like a studio or a one-bed, where your living room set is probably not going to fit…

If you’re in need of downsizing temporarily – you may not want to permanently part ways with your stuff, which is more than understandable – you can put your things in storage.

You can then retrieve them when you wish or simply continue to store them in a safe and sound location.

A stack of cardboard boxes and packing tape ready for self storage

How Much Does Self-Storage Cost?

We understand that this is one of the first questions that you may think about as soon as you consider placing your things in storage. After all, during a divorce, the pros and cons of all costs need to be weighed so you’ll be happy to know that a Smart Storage unit will not break the bank!

This will allow you to focus on what really matters during this difficult time, instead of having to worry about storage bills. You can put in your requirements in our space calculator and we’ll do the rest for you by sending you a quick quote.

And, if you’re unsure what storage unit you need, here are some examples of what you can store in them:

smart storage unit

Our units can handle anything, so rest assured that your boat or antique dresser will find a home with us! We offer units of all sizes, so feel free to enquire about them.

Putting your things in storage during your separation or your divorce is actually more common than you may think, as it can offer you a world of benefits. If you’re looking for self-storage in Liverpool or in Preston, we’re here for you, and we always strive to ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met.

Book your self-storage with Smart Storage today – you won’t regret it!