There are many reasons why you may want to relocate your office. You may wish to move your small business somewhere better, more convenient or prettier. Or maybe you’re refurbishing your current office and need a space to carry on business as usual while construction is underway.

However, moving an entire business to a different location is not something most business owners are keen to do… And who can blame them? Packing up everything and setting it up somewhere else consumes time, not to mention money. Also, admittedly, it could be logistically complex.

In short… It can be a pain.

So, the question naturally arises: how can you keep your business going while undertaking the challenging task of relocating office?

Don’t Get Distracted

Well, firstly, picking the new premises is the most important decision you’re going to make. After all, you need to make sure of how much space you’re going to need, if the new site can accommodate your furniture, whether there’ll be parking space for employees… you get the idea!

There are many factors to consider when thinking about relocating office, so it’s vital that you give yourself time to properly analyse them all. During this decision, it’s important to carry on working as if nothing was going on behind the scenes to ensure that the day-to-day running of your business won’t be affected.


While this time-consuming process is going on in the background, therefore, it’s essential to have

measures in place to ensure your normal business tasks are still getting done: allocate only a few hours a week to discuss the move, only hold necessary meetings, ensure that only vital employees to the move are present in those meetings, and so on.


Plan Ahead

You want the day of the move to go as smoothly as possible, so create a full inventory of what needs to be moved, cancel any meetings you might have for that day, keep a member of staff overseeing the removals team and when everything is taken to the new office, make sure everything will be clean and ready to use as soon as possible, start packing early, and change your address.

It may seem like a fair amount of planning to take into consideration, but you’ll be glad you did come the big day!

There are many things to be done when it finally comes time to relocate office, so planning ahead can prevent incidents or forgotten items – and create a stress-free environment in the workplace! If your employees are not worried about tasks that still need to be accomplished and have time to do their normal job, your business won’t suffer!

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You’re Moving – Now What?


Business as usual. While you’re choosing a new space or even during the actual move, it’s likely you’re going to require storage facilities or even office space to keep working while you wait for the new site to be ready.

At Smart Storage we can give you what you need with our business storage. We offer fantastic working areas you can take full advantage of – including free use of our boardroom for all those important meetings you can’t postpone! You can benefit from free parking, 24-hour CCTV equipment and additional office security for your peace of mind, as well as kitchen and toilet amenities nearby. That’s right… we even give you the kitchen sink.

You can also expect free wi-fi for all of your business dealings, 24-hour access/ 7 days a week, and we even give you the option of choosing a furnished or unfurnished office space! Also, you won’t find any sneaky extra or hidden costs, like council tax or utility charges, which means you won’t need to stress about surprise fees in the long run.

Relocating office can boost your employees’ productivity and your business’ efficiency – it can even improve your brand perception, if you’re into that kind of thing… As you can see, relocating isn’t something that should be taken lightly, which is why we take the storing of your assets and stock so seriously.


Also, we’re here to make this immense task easier. So, if you’re in need of office space to carry on conducting your business while you move, contact us today on 0800 068 3180.