Handed in all your assignments? Is the dissertation bound and ready to be handed in? Are all your exams done and dusted? That feeling of free time is one that you may have forgotten about. Feels good right?

After all those tiresome months of studying, the end is nigh! So, now is the time for you! Whether you’re finishing for good or just saying adios for the summer, a well-deserved Summer break is definitely on the horizon. Sure, you could stay in Liverpool and marvel at the docks or remain in Preston and spend your time walking around the parks, but surely the beaches in Thailand sound like a much more tempting option?

Are you pondering over the question ‘should I stay, or should I go?’ for this new and exciting concept of free time? The team at Smart Storage are here to answer that all-encompassing question amongst others: where are the best places to go? How can you budget? What can you see? And most importantly, what can you do with your belongings while jet setting?

Liverpool Docks Vs New York Shoreline

Albert Dock is a stunning area of Liverpool and is the vibrant heart of the historic waterfront. There’s plenty of bars, restaurants, galleries, museums and much more, not to mention the comedy club and the constant festivals and events going on in the area throughout the year. However, New York’s ‘docks’ or shoreline has all the above and much more. Just by Brooklyn bridge alone there’s a roller rink, a pop-up pool, a bar on a boat, an ice cream factory, endless bars, cafes, and even beachy areas!

Preston Avenham Park Vs Khao Yai National Park

As one of the most popular and biggest parks in Preston, Avenham Park is extremely busy in Spring and Summer – packed with people enjoying picnics or hanging out in the sun with loved ones. Your summer could be spent lolling around in Avenham Park seeing the usual suspects, or you could visit an alternative park… in Thailand! You can see elephants, bears, deer, otters, jackals and so much more in Khao Yai National Park. The park has everything Preston Avenham Park has and more- Bat caves, waterfalls, watchtowers, mountains. You can even camp nearby!

Liverpool Mathew Street Vs Music Row

Mathew Street in Liverpool is known for its vibrant music scene- you will probably know of The Cavern, where bands such as The Beatles kickstarted their career. An evening down Mathew Street will see you have a great time, full of drinks, dancing, singing and probably spotting some great new talent! However, an evening down music row in Nashville will give you all this and more. Music Row is home to record labels, radio stations, historic recording studios where Elvis and Dolly Parton recorded hits and much more. Not to mention the numerous lively bars and restaurants- where you will always find musical entertainment!

The Bluebird café has brought big names such as Taylor Swift and even Dave Grohl into our lives! If you like music- of any kind, then Nashville could be the perfect adventure.

Nashville Tennessee Skyline downtown at Dusk

Preston Harris Museum Vs The Louvre

In Preston we aren’t short of a museum or two. Believe it or not, the city is full of history and culture, and even art! There’s always new exhibitions on, highlighting fine art and more from all around the world and many different eras. The building itself is stunning – a listed, grade 1 neo-classic building constructed way back in the 1880’s. You could spend your free time exploring the pieces inside the Harris Museum, or you could say ‘Bonjour’ to Paris and go see the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and much more. The building itself is a marvel!

Get your beret ready!


Northern Rail Vs Interrailing Adventure

If you have ever travelled to and from Liverpool or Preston, you may know of the dreaded trains; Northern Rail. Its always a pleasure (not!) to go on the bumpy journeys, pay their prices and meet the strange people that are sat (too close) next to you. You could spend your Summer travelling to and from places on Northern Rail trains, or you could spend less than £50 and get an interrail pass. Taking you from one end of a country to another and even beyond, a pass from £190 will give you unlimited access round Europe for 15 days. We know which train we would prefer!

Nandos Preston Vs True African Chicken

A cheeky Nando’s anyone? Home of the legendary peri-peri chicken, Nando’s has something for everyone- but mainly for the chicken lover. However, did you know Nando’s actually originates from South Africa. The first restaurant was founded in 1987 in Johannesburg. It was originally called ‘ChickenLand’. We are so glad it’s not a ‘cheeky ChickenLand’ now, right?


If you are going to get decent chicken anywhere, it’s got to be in Africa. With the chicken from Nando’s that we all love so much specialising in Mozambican-Portuguese style dishes, why not make Mozambique your food-exploring spot?

The restaurants are full of vibrant colours and patterns, trying to embrace the African culture, but it’s not quite the real thing is it? Why not experience the true buzz of African food, culture and true roots by going there yourself!

Are you staying, or are you going? Got the travel bug? We don’t blame you after being cooped up all year studying hard. Students need a holiday too!

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