Is that a glimpse of sun we see in the North West?

The weather is finally getting better, which means we can start looking forward to enjoying that family BBQ. Say goodbye to the rain and the wind by putting those bulky winter clothes – and that snow shovel you won’t need for another year – in storage.

So, lock away the winter blues and roll back your patio set from storage to enjoy the good weather while it lasts! What else should you take out of storage and put in instead?

Your Bicycle

Whether it’s a tandem bike for the family or a mountain bike, now is the perfect time to get them out of storage. With the sun making an appearance, you want to be able to make the most of it by cycling in the city, exploring the sunny countryside or cycling to that perfect family picnic spot.

Fill that bicycle-shaped spot in your storage unit by placing your thick winter coats there instead.

The Family Tent

Sure, you could go camping during winter, but where’s the fun in having your tent blown away by the wind five minutes after you put it up? Not to mention the rain battering the canvas nonstop…

Everyone will agree; sunny days are the best to go camping! Take your tent out of storage and put in your collection of snow boots in its place.

get your camping gear out of storage and go camping with the family


With the sun out, get those buns out too! Hot dogs, burgers, steak – take your pick, just don’t let the BBQ collect (figurative) dust in storage. What better time to gather with family and friends and have a fabulous Sunday afternoon with plenty of sun, food and good company?

Make space for the BBQ in your garden by putting the snow plough in storage. You can always take it out again next year!

Your Patio Umbrella

Perfect to have a few friends over for a refreshing drink! A patio umbrella is not just a great source of shade, it also offers a cosy environment for a chat or the perfect relaxing spot to sit down, close your eyes and listen to the summer insects buzz around you.

Put in your winter umbrellas in storage when you take out your patio umbrella – you probably won’t need them for a while!

All the Beach Gear

The time to pick up your beach ball, towels, hat and chairs is finally here! Head on over to a sandy spot and welcome the lovely ocean breeze on your skin, build a sand castle with your kids, or go for a refreshing dip in the water. Don’t forget the sunscreen too, especially as the sun will – hopefully – get warmer!

Why not replace your beach equipment with your now-too-warm bulky blankets in your storage unit?

take your beach gear from storage and enjoy summer

Your Pool Bean Bags or Inflatables

If you want to enjoy the sun and the water at the same time, get those inflatables out of storage! You can lounge in the pool or slide off for a quick swim before climbing back up to take in the sun again. Pool bean bags, or just inflatables in general, are the perfect item to add to your pool – after all, they’re comfy and let you dip your toes in the water while having a chat with your friends.

With free space in storage after taking out your inflatables, put your snowboarding gear in it instead!

A Hammock

The weather for lazing in a hammock is finally here and it’s an exciting time! Read a good book, keep a smoothie nearby, listen to your favourite music or just have a nap while listening to the birds singing – whatever you want, get the hammock out of storage and you can soon be enjoying the perfect weekend!

Once you’ve done that, this is now the perfect time to put your bicycle cover into storage in its place. With the sun replacing the rain, you (hopefully) won’t be needing this for a while.


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Sun’s out, so you should be too!