As a Uni student, there may come a time when you look around you and realise you need to do something about the piles of stuff that are scattered everywhere… Or that you simply cannot work in your room anymore and need extra working space.

There are many reasons why you can become fed up with your room (even if it’s your own fault for having bought that extra-large dresser you didn’t actually need…) – so, take a look below at all the many valid reasons to get storage and declutter your life.

  1. You Want Peace and Quiet

Is your roommate doing your head in and you’ve finally had enough? Do you want to get away from them for a while to finish your dissertation but are not sure how?

If you haven’t considered self-storage, start thinking about it now. This cost-effective solution (only £8 per week!) can help you get peace and quiet to finish your workload without being distracted by your noisy roommate.

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  1. You Need to Store Your Canoe

Sure, getting into water sports sounded like a grand idea at the time, but now you’re stuck with a canoe in your room. Not good. Instead of trying to come up with creative ways to keep a canoe in a tiny room, bypass all that stress and store it somewhere else where you can easily access it.

  1. You Have Accumulated Too Much Stuff

The bane of the student life. Don’t believe us? Think about what you brought with you to your new room at the beginning of the year and the number of things you have now… You probably accumulated waaaay too much stuff and now need a place to store them safely and securely because you can’t deal with it anymore.

Clear out and organise your room by putting some of your belongings in self-storage. Let’s be realistic: you don’t need that suitcase full of blankets with summer on the way!

  1. You Don’t Want to Move Your Things Back and Forth

If you’re coming back to Uni next year, why should you have to take all of your belongings home with you? Not only will it make your life easier to keep them in storage, but your parents will probably appreciate the fact that their home won’t be flooded with everything you own.

Get your things into self-storage until the next academic year, retrieve them when the times comes, and set up your space again.



  1. You’ve Run Out of Space in Your Room

Tired of bumping into everything when you want to move inside your room? Have you found yourself unable to stretch your arms without touching something on either side? It may be time to make some space in your room and stop it from looking like an episode of Hoarders

If you’re having to store your possessions on top of one another or have no space for anything else, you need a solution. A self-storage solution. Get the bulky items out of your room to declutter your space and your mind will feel decluttered too!

  1. You’re Afraid of ‘Sticky Fingers’

There is no denying that having roommates can be a challenge sometimes. You may luck out and live with the best people on the planet; or you may find yourself not trusting your housemates for one reason or another. If this is your situation, consider moving any important possessions you may have into storage, so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that they’re safe at all times!

  1. You’re Moving to Another Place

Maybe you’re in-between homes and need a place to store your things. If that’s the case, you may find that your family or friends don’t have the necessary space to do it, which can be a bit of a stressful situation as you wonder what to do…

Self-storage can solve this problem very easily! Just make your life easier by placing all of your things in one spot and grab them when you need them again.

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  1. You Need Space for Your Hobby

Be it painting, rock climbing, bike riding, piano playing, etc., you need space to keep your hobby equipment. If your room is too small for that (and, let’s face it, it probably will be), you can still enjoy your favourite activities by renting a storage unit and keeping your kit there, ready to be used at any moment.

  1. You’re Running an eBay Business

If you’re moonlighting as an eBay seller, or running any other type of business, for that matter, you need space to keep all of your merchandise or equipment in. And putting everything in your room is not feasible, unless you don’t mind using cardboard boxes as dining tables!

Separate your private life from your work life by using a self-storage unit for your goods – you’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll save.

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At Smart Storage, we have all the space a student such as yourself could possibly need! With self-storage in Liverpoolself-storage in Prestonself-storage in The Wirralself-storage in Warringtonself-storage in Widnes and self-storage in Altrincham, you can easily take advantage of all the benefits our units offer to declutter your room or get away from your housemates.

Book student storage with Smart Storage today or get in touch with us on 0808 301 8269 to learn more – we’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have!