Travel – it can cure a multitude of worries and stresses.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just pack a bag, hop on a plane, and leave our troubles behind (even for a little while)? If you are in that position, where you have some time to yourself, you are lucky!

We aren’t jealous at all…

Whether you are at that stage in your life where you are beginning to come to terms with beans on toast and the super noodle diet (you know it, students!), want to celebrate before setting sail in the corporate world, or maybe you are just someone wanting to get away from the 9-5 grind, travelling could be the perfect escape.

“But what about my stuff while I’m off galivanting?” we hear you say. Don’t you worry, because the team at Smart Storage (while we are super envious) want to help your dreams of wanderlust come true. So, get that bag ready by the door, map in hand, and treat yourself to a new fancy passport holder, because you are about to be the jet-setter you’ve always wanted to be. Watch out, Phileas Fogg!


The All-Encompassing Gap Year

To put it bluntly, a gap year is just a chunk of time when you can do whatever you want. You don’t need to be a student at University or about to become one. You can be anyone! Think of it as taking a break from anything you don’t really want to do, which could be literally anything from paying the bills, to going to work, or even doing the hoovering (who likes to do that?).

No one is judging you for wanting to put your belongings in self-storage and go for the trip of a lifetime. Chances are you probably deserve it.

Your Possessions Sitting Pretty

When you are off on your travels, you don’t want the stress of thinking ‘what if someone comes to steal my stuff?’, ‘What if there’s a zombie apocalypse?’, or maybe ‘What if an alien invasion happens?’ – to give just three examples. While there are many ‘reputable’ resources that may be helpful in predicting a hostile alien invasion (click that link – it really exists!), you still need your belongings to be safe.

Putting the bulk of your belongings in storage while away is the perfect solution. That way, you know that everything is safe and secure, and when you come back from a long excursion of exploring and relaxing, you can find your prized possessions sitting pretty, waiting for you. And never fear, your Xbox and pog collection won’t have been plundered by aliens – well, here’s to hoping anyway!

Here at Smart Storage, we even provide the boxes and packaging for you, meaning your fragile items will be safe. We even have specialised boxes for TVs, mirrors, wardrobe boxes and much more.


 Nothing Getting in Your Way

It has been scientifically proven that travelling is beneficial for both your physical and mental health!

That’s why you shouldn’t let anything get in your way – not an unattended house, worries of alien invasions, or your parents. Those beloved people that raised you to be an amazing individual full of wanderlust are probably trying to think of ways to prevent your student belongings from returning home. That’s right; as a student, your parents probably don’t want your things (they might call it something else) hanging around, clogging up space that could be their new office, gym or walk-in wardrobe. Say farewell to your old room – this may well be the end of your childhood celeb posters (bye bye bye, *NSync) – and let your parents say hello to a fancy new craft room!

Put your stuff in storage and then maybe they might be a bit more lenient with other things, such as Sunday dinner or help towards rent when you return, and even some money for your travels. You never know. They might even gladly pay for the storage unit!

Other things such as a vacated house, or even having to sell your possessions if you can’t take them with you (or to your parents’), may leave you with reservations about your jet-setting. But don’t let this get in the way!

Our student storage starts from only £8 per week, so you’ll have the added bonus of being left with plenty of spending money while off on your travels. Money (or lack thereof) will definitely not be getting in your way. With beds in Cambodia for £2.50 (and even a boutique hotel costing as low at £50!) and a day/night in Vietnam (drinks, food, accommodation and all) costing a mere £10, your travel spends look pretty juicy.



 The One-Way Ticket Dream

In the back of all our minds (well, most of us, anyway), there’s a thought, however big or small, of one day packing that bag, getting on the first plane available, and simply letting the world take you on a journey. A one-way ticket to adventure is an exciting option for many people and who knows where it could take you? The greatest solution to this is storage – when you are ready to return, whether for good or to see friends and family, your possessions will be ready and waiting.

Our domestic storage solutions offer flexible terms – meaning you can store your belongings from two weeks to as long as you need, with the added ability to extend your stay without any penalty fees! That one-way ticket is looking even better now, huh?!



 Are you ready for the ultimate gap year? Why not unlock your self-storage quote with us today and, before you know it, you could be exploring a park in Thailand, seeing the northern lights in Iceland, white water rafting in Australia, or even meeting aliens by Area 51 (there’s a reoccurring theme here). The only thing standing in your way is not having self-storage in Warrington, or one of our other stores in the North West.