Is your home small and overflowing with stuff? Have you just had enough of stumbling into your belongings? If the answer is ‘yes,’ it’s probably time to sort everything out. There are so many clever and creative ways to store your possessions, and many of these can be made from household items you may already own.

If you lack space in your home, make sure to maximise every square foot by making use of every nook and cranny. If, by the end of it, your home is still not looking the way you want it to look, why not put that heavy dresser you never use or all the pool paraphernalia (now that winter is coming…) in storage to make space for what really matters?

Here are some of the best storage solutions for small spaces that will enable you to get your home organised all year round.

Opt for Storage Under the Stairs

Often neglected or overlooked, the space under your stairs could be an ideal spot for built-in shelving for all your books or knick-knacks, a mini office (so you don’t have to give up a room to have your private office space), or even a cosy reading nook. You can also use this space to keep your bicycle, pantry items, wellie collection or your coat rack. If you have pets, why not give them a comfortable and cosy place to hang out by building a little dog house or cat corner under the stairs?

The options are limitless with this simple and under-utilised space.


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Don’t Forget Under-the-Bed Storage

If you’re not already using the space under your bed, you’re wasting prime storage space. This is often the perfect place to store bulky items, such as blankets and duvets, that can be difficult to store anywhere else. If your bed doesn’t come with built-in storage space, don’t despair; just place your belongings in storage bags and slide them under the bed. It doesn’t look messy and, most importantly, they will be out of sight (and out of mind) so you won’t need to keep worrying about them anymore until late at night when you start to wonder what might actually be in those strange, body-sized bags under the bed…




Upcycle Household Items

For simpler storage ideas, why not upcycle or recycle basic everyday items that you often find lying around the house? This could be anything, from small boxes which can be used as dividers in drawers, jars which can be used for stationery and even old vintage suitcases which can be recycled into a unique cabinet.

Your imagination is the only thing holding you back. An old drawer can become the base for a cat’s bed; a wooden pallet can be deconstructed and painted to be used as a shoe rack; and the fireplace you no longer use can be refurbished into a bookcase.

You’ll end up with a unique item that no one else has while keeping your belongings organised at all times – not to mention that you can upcycle any old item into the décor style of your choice. Be it a rustic-looking bedroom or a modern living space, there’s no reason why your storage can’t add to the interior design.

Keep Your Cabinets and Cupboards Organised

The little things matter and, if you have a lot of small items, they can add up and create chaos inside your drawer or cabinet. When you finally decide to clean it up, you’ll find yourself facing a mess you won’t want to touch anytime soon. Here are some ideas for keeping track of these smaller bits:



When it comes to unique (and useful) storage ideas, the sky’s the limit. Hopefully this post will be helpful for those looking for unique self-storage ideas. However, if you do find that you have too many things and not enough space, call a member of our team who will arrange for you to keep everything secure in self-storage and give you some tips on making the best use of your self-storage space.