Everyone here at Smart Storage made time to remember the often forgotten women of the First World War On Monday the 5th of November, a banner was unfurled on the side of our landmark self-storage centre in Altrincham to commemorate Remembrance Day on 11 November – and mark 100 years since the end of World War I.

A Wave of Gratitude

In the run-up to 11 November, the Royal British Legion ran a campaign to say “Thank You” to the women of the First World War generation – everyone who served, sacrificed and changed our world. To mark this collaboration between the Royal British Legion and the Self-Storage Association (SSA UK) Smart Storage, Altrincham and a dozen other storage companies across the country joined in to express a wave of gratitude to the forgotten women of the 1914-18 conflict.

Catherine Davis, Head of Remembrance at the Royal British Legion, believes that: ‘We owe the First World War generation a huge debt of gratitude for helping shape the world as we know it today. Not only the 1.2 million British and Commonwealth Armed Forced who lost their lives on the battlefields but also those who kept the home front going. Women played an essential role in the war effort, seizing the opportunity to prove their worth and take another step towards getting the vote. Each and every one of them deserves our thanks’.

Chief executive officer of the SSA UK, Rennie Schafer, agreed with this sentiment: ‘From making ammunition to serving at The Front, they showed such courage, determination and resilience. When we appealed for local stories, we were extremely touched by the memories people shared. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came forward to honour their female family members’.

Smart Storage and a Wave of Gratitude

All of us at Smart Storage knew we had to participate in such an important celebration. Emma Greenwood, Store Manager at our Altrincham store, oversaw the hanging of the enormous banner down the centre of our building right above our trade counters – which was seen by everyone passing by on the busy Craven Road.

We’re very proud to invest in worthy causes such as this. Read more about how we support our local communities and how you can help. Our 13th Annual Toy Appeal is up and running now – donate one new unwrapped toy at our stores in Altrincham, Warrington or Widnes. To learn more about upcoming events throughout our Smart Storage locations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.