Self-storage units are not just great for storing excess office furniture or – now that the cold weather has arrived in force – your table-top desk fans.  Many of our business customers use their unit as an office.  They bring all the office equipment they need and we install lighting, racking and, of course, there is WIFI. And, at Smart Storage, we also provide traditional office space as well as trade counters in some locations.

Perhaps you’ve run out of space to store your inventory? Or maybe you’re an online retailer or a start-up and simply do not have much space Regardless of the type of business you’re running, even established companies can benefit from tailored and flexible storage and business services to match their unique needs.  Many sites provide a formal meeting room too.

Here are some ways you can utilise our space here at Smart Storage and make it bespoke to your needs:

All the Space You Need

At Smart Storage, we understand that each business is unique. We offer units of different sizes that are suited for a variety of applications, allowing you to get exactly what you require without breaking the bank. Our accessible units are ideal for anyone seeking to expand their company without worrying about lack of space or having to purchase a larger office – they’re also suited for people who need archiving solutions or space to store seasonal items.

Whether you only need a few square feet of space or require over 500 sq ft, we can help. Just check our space calculator if you’re unsure which size unit is best for you. And, as your business cycle changes, you can scale your unit up or down without penalty.

Make It Your Own

Part of running your own business and being your own boss is that you can choose any décor you see fit. Whether you’re renting a unit, office space or a trade counter treat your space as if it’s your own office – because it is! You have the opportunity to convert the space into anything you wish. This means you can transform it to match the branding of your company – hang posters, add a giant logo to the wall or frame your awards. No matter how you envision your business, we can help make that vision a reality here at Smart Storage.

office space - desk with items

Choose Any Features You Desire

Whether you have a storage unit, a traditional office or a trade counter – we can provide shelving, lighting and wall divisions to get your space business-ready. Make the space your own – bring desks and chairs, fancy light fixtures, printers, a water cooler… whatever your business requirements are, you’ll find that our units can accommodate them. Not only do we have the space, but you can truly take a blank canvas and turn it into the space you need to run your business.

We believe in offering flexible solutions, from allowing you to choose all the features you require to offering an ‘easy in, easy out’ agreement (ensuring that you get as much space as you need for just as long as you need it).  There are no minimum six-month contracts here.

Meet Customers

As a business, having office space is a big advantage. It will help your company behave more professionally if you have the space to meet clients and hold meetings with potential partners. People tend to trust and respect businesses they can visit, so you may find that renting your own office space will help you bring in more clients. At Smart Storage, we offer professional and affordable spaces that both you and your customers can easily access.

Keep Your Home Life Separate

One of the most common issues for people just starting their own business is balancing costs so many frequently work from home. However, this is not always feasible, or you may want to keep your home life separate from your business affairs. You probably want a workspace where you can meet with employees or clients without having to clear your living room for a meeting (or lock the dog in another room) too.

Renting office space or a storage unit is ideal if you wish to make the leap from a home-run business to a professional and sophisticated company – without taking on the costs and risks associated with renting traditional high street offices.

Overhead View Of Businessman Working At Computer In Office

Our units are great as a base for operations– we can receive deliveries and ready your items for collection on your behalf – so you don’t need to be on site all the time.  We provide moving equipment should you require it and provide forklift services for those bulky deliveries too. Smart Storage provides units in several locations, such as our business storage in Altrincham, which can meet all of your business space needs. If you have any questions about our services, let us know; a member of our friendly team will help you through the process and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a new office in no time at all.