Is your tree dressed to impress this Christmas?

National Tree Dressing Day takes place on the first weekend of December every single year. This year it falls on the 1st and 2nd of December, making it the perfect way to kick off the month-long festive celebrations. It’s easy to join in one of the countless celebrations planned all over the country; however, if you prefer, you can also organise one of these celebrations yourself and involve people who are looking to do something a bit different and special this year.

So, what is Tree Dressing Day and why should you participate?

History of National Tree Dressing Day

Tree Dressing Day is based on several old customs from all over the world held at different times of the year. It was initiated by Common Ground in 1990 when the group decorated several London Plane trees on the junction of Shaftesbury Avenue and High Holborn in Covent Garden with 150 large numbers – the idea behind it was to show that every tree counts.

After this, both individuals and organisations have also started to dress up trees all over the UK every year. Throughout history, trees have been associated with spirituality, and the simple act of tying cloth or yarn to a tree is universal – in Japan, the practice of tanzaku sees people decorating trees with strips of paper; the 21st-century trend of ‘yarn bombing’ in Europe and North America describes the practice of adding bright fabrics and yarns to trees; and Buddhists traditionally tie ribbons around the trunk of the Bodhi tree to pay homage to Buddha.

Even though cultures around the world can be very different, trees are often incorporated in festivities by many – tree dressing, therefore, is a beautiful way for everyone to celebrate the important role that trees have in their neighbourhoods.

National Tree Dressing Day at Smart Storage

We’re very excited to celebrate this event with everyone, It’s not just that they clean the air, although that’s one of the reasons they’re so important – trees and green spaces are also essential to our mental health. The benefits of nature are many, from an increase in creativity and concentration, to a reduction in stress and anxiety; they can even contribute to an increase in vitality.

This November, we’ve been busy doing our own spin on Tree Dressing Day. We’ve decorated an artificial tree as part of the annual Festival of Trees fundraising exhibit organised by Francis House Children’s Hospice. Over 50 trees are currently being exhibited at the Lowry Centre in Salford Quays and will be on display until 10th December. Then they’ll be auctioned off to raise funds for the hospice. The hospice provides respite care for children with life-limiting conditions living across the North West.

Each of our Smart Storage locations will also decorate their own in-store tree display. Be it our self-storage facilities in Altrincham or our self-storage in the Wirral, you will surely be delighted by our incredible decorating skills – at least we hope so!

Get Involved in Your Community

Why not organise your very own Community Tree Dressing Day as well? Create a social celebration that says ‘thank you’ to the trees where you live and join the thousands of people all over the UK who celebrate Tree Dressing Day and help draw attention to the trees we often take for granted.

And because Christmas is nearly here too, you can also add a Christmas twist to the event and fill it with holiday spirit. For example, share stories with friends and neighbours, set up a dancing festival or hang ribbons on trees and you could organise a potluck in your community, allowing people to enjoy delicious Christmas food while being surrounded by beautifully-decorated trees.

Here at Smart Storage, we recognise our role in the communities where our stores are based and we strive to make a difference across them each year. Check out all the charity and community work that we do and find out more about how you can help – you don’t need to use our storage units to get involved. From participating in our 13th Toy Appeal to donating to our annual MacMillan event, there are many ways you can get involved – not only would we appreciate it, but so would your local community.