It’s impossible to forget that Christmas is just around the corner with so many shops decorated and lit up to celebrate the festive season. For many start-ups and retailers, now is not just the time to go crazy with the fake snow and baubles; it’s the busiest time of the year with order fulfilment processes being put to the test.

Among the furniture and knick-knacks that people place in self-storage, our units also host a number of businesses (and their inventory). These businesses are attracted to the flexibility, low cost and short-notice periods we offer – ideal for easing the seasonal strain. Be it just for the festive season or across all your peak sale times, storage can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Below, we take a look at all the ways storage can make your life – and the life of your business – a thousand times easier.

As a Warehouse

If you run an online business, you know just how quickly inventory can build up and take over your home or your office space. Storing your products, equipment or tools in a self-storage unit is a great way to store your things securely and in an orderly fashion, whilst ensuring easy access. Not only that, but storage units come with extra features when compared to your home, such as climate control – and you won’t clutter up your house or your office either.

With Christmas being such a busy period, even retailers can benefit from renting out a unit. Never run out of floor space, as self-storage allows you to easily store all in-demand inventory, be it seasonal items or an influx of popular products you can’t keep in your shop.

cardboard boxes on shelves

As a Seasonal Business

Seasonal businesses can really benefit from using a storage centre – and not just for storage. Our ‘easy in, easy out’ agreement allows you as much space as you need for as long as you need it. Scale your unit up or down without penalty and have your stock delivered direct to the store. Our team will take delivery for you, so you don’t have to be on site. The team will notify you when your goods arrive and store it in our secure holding area ready for you to put into your unit when you reach the store.

Just imagine: you can rent a unit in November and prepare and pack all of your products. As orders come in, you need only to dispatch them from your unit, wrapping and labelling products as you go.  Take your parcels to reception and our team will ensure that Royal Mail collects or they’ll liaise with your courier company to ensure safe dispatch. As soon as the Christmas rush is over, you can simply close the unit and move out. There is no need to fret about utility bills and you’re not tied down to a long-term contract.

As an Artist’s Den

For many artists working from home, Christmas-time is just as busy as it is for retailers. With so many people buying handmade crafts for their loved ones, artists and crafters tend to have their hands full with new commissions coming in every day. Being busy is great, but it can present a few challenges when you’re working from home.

A storage unit can be a fantastic solution to common problems. No more distractions from family or friends (or that television show you’re really invested in…) No need to stress about how small your home is and how you don’t have the space to store commissions. And, there is no need to worry about where to keep your supplies.

A storage unit is a great centre of operations for artists who not only need the space to store their tools and work, but also to be creative.

artist's desk with crafts supplies

As an Archive Room

The Christmas rush also means a rise in paperwork for some businesses and, therefore, an increase in the need for space to store it all. Self-storage units allow you to safely archive important records and data, including confidential and sensitive documents. Tax returns, invoices or receipts, for example, are often required by law to be kept for years in physical form, so cloud storage is not an option.

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of pounds to upgrade to a bigger office, it is much more cost effective to rent a storage unit as our archive space, rather than use a spare room in your office.

As a Studio

Yes, that’s right, storage units can make fantastic studios to record your Christmas podcast, film a seasonal YouTube video or create your new commercial. Many businesses don’t have the budget for a big studio or are unable to work from home due to noise or distractions. It’s easy to just rent your own space, decorate it any way you like and shoot a video.

Our units come in several different sizes, so they’re big enough to meet all of your requirements; you also get access to electricity and internet, making it easy to transform a unit into a recording studio.

How Can Smart Storage Help?

Our self-storage in Liverpool is perfect for businesses. The new ground floor business hub within the centre has a dedicated kitchen and toilet facilities. There are units available now from just 35 sq ft for storage up to 200 sq ft – plenty of space to locate your business. If you’re incredibly busy and just want to keep your head down and survive the busy Christmas rush, then our affordable and secure premises are ideal. We also offer parking spaces.


Smart Storage Liverpool is conveniently located on the main road from Liverpool to Southport and located just five minutes from the city centre, which makes it accessible to everyone. We can help you to benefit from a tailor-made solution, so talk to us today to learn more about our units. As a business you will benefit from not only a secure storage unit and a flexible contract, but also from extended hours access, a forklift truck service, free WIFI and delivery and collection support. We also have a certified shredding service.

And if you’re outside of Liverpool, Smart Storage also offers storage in Prestonstorage in Wirralstorage in Warringtonstorage in Widnes and storage in Altrincham.