Happy New Year!

With 2018 behind us and a new year of possibilities ahead, now is the best time to focus on improving on the past twelve months. Of course, every year we make and drop resolutions (it can be a challenge to remain motivated throughout the year…), but we want to help you stick to yours.

Start 2019 off on the right foot by getting organised and taking advantage of your self-storage unit. You’ll feel incredibly proud of yourself for achieving your 2019 goals.

But how can our storage units help you to accomplish your resolutions?

Spring Clean Your Home

Instead of waiting until springtime to give your house a much-needed cleanse, set the tone for the rest of the year by de-cluttering your home now. You’ve probably accumulated quite a few things over 2018 that are now taking up premium space in your house, so take stock of everything you own and identify what you no longer need now.

However, you may be reluctant to cast aside belongings you don’t have regular use for, especially if they’re still in good condition. If that’s the case, why not place these things in storage? This way, you can quickly and easily access your belongings when you need them once more.  And, at the same time you will have identified unwanted possessions, ready for donation or sale

Store Your Belongings Temporarily

New year, new home. If you’re about to move (or simply renovating your existing house), you know this is not a simple, straightforward process. There are a lot of things to consider and to accomplish, especially when it comes to your belongings. If your new house is still not available – or you need to knock down walls in your existing one to properly renovate it – self-storage is a great option to hold your possessions until you’re ready to move them into their new home or space.

This way, they’re safe and sound and you have one less thing to worry about, freeing you to focus only on the tasks at hand.

smart storage unit

Get Healthier

The most common New Year’s resolution is to become healthier and get in shape. Every year, thousands of people promise themselves that they will achieve this resolution; however, not everyone sticks to it. What’s stopping us from finally accomplishing this New Year’s goal?

The fact that the gym can be too out of the way is a major deterrent – and is perhaps the main reason we fail this resolution. Making time to work out can be tough when you have other things in your life to consider, such as work or family time.

A self-storage unit can help. If your spare room is really just a messy, dumping room, move those belongings into a storage unit and move gym equipment in; or you can simply clear the space to work on those dance or yoga moves.

Because we have storage units in so many locations, you may even want to create your very own gym in one of them – just like one of our clients did! We have storage in Preston, storage in Liverpool, storage in Wirral, storage in Warrington, storage in Widnes, and storage in Altrincham. All of our units are easy to access, allowing you to leave work and quickly squeeze in some exercise before heading home.

Finally Pursue a Much-Wanted Hobby

In 2019, make time for that elusive hobby you’ve been meaning to start. Whether it’s painting, craft-making or model-building, a self-storage unit will definitely come in handy. You have all the space you could possibly need and you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes back at home.

And, if you intend to eventually monetise your hobby, you will soon be producing more items than your home can handle, so a storage unit will help you to remain organised and clutter-free.

Travel the World

How many people want to leave their lives behind (even if for a little while) and see the world? Every year, travelling remains one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but not everyone actually takes the leap and does it. If 2019 is your year, and you finally want to abandon everything for a set period of time, you don’t want to have to worry about the safety of your belongings while you’re away.

Consider packing your possessions and placing them in a storage unit. Not only will you travel light, but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that everything you own is safe and sound.

Moving Boxes and Broom

Unsure how to pack everything up? Don’t fret! We offer everything you need to pack your belongings. Our sturdy boxes and packaging come in a variety of sizes that will allow you to pack even the bulkiest of items, and we also offer accessories such as tape, bubble wrap and furniture covers, if you require.

Start 2019 the right way with our self-storage units and get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about what we can do for you.