So, you’re a student with some stuff to put in storage. You no doubt want to know exactly what your storage unit will look like based on what kind of person you are. Well, fortunately for you, we have a quiz to tell you the answer:

(Make a note of which answers you pick the most: A, B, C, D, E or F!

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Mostly A’s and E’s:

Wow! Here’s someone who certainly has it all together. You adore organisation and making sure everything is in its place, right where you left it.

Your storage unit would reflect your love of alphabetisation and careful planning. All of your cardboard boxes would be neatly labelled with their contents and stacked in careful piles, all the corners lined up exactly.

There’s no such thing as a “random junk” box in your storage unit, all that junk has a proper home and a place to be. And no doubt there’s a spreadsheet saved on your phone that lists everything you have in storage and which box it can be found in.

You may spend more time organising your storage unit when you move your stuff in there, but come time to move it into your new home it’ll take no time at all!

Mostly B’s and D’s:

Hmm, well organisation isn’t for everyone, is it? You’re the kind of person who likes to go with the flow and see what happens. If you can’t find something now no matter! It’ll turn up eventually and in the mean time you’ll move on to something else.

Your storage unit would be a cataclysmic shrine to all things messy and disarray. Who needs labelled boxes? Stuff can go in anywhere, boxes upon boxes and who even know what’s inside. Is that an empty Maltesers bag on the floor?

Your random junk box is every single box. There’s no time for organising belongings when there’s more important things to be doing. Lists are just needless admin taking time away from enjoying life.

You’ll pack your belongings into storage in no time, flinging them in anywhere in the unit. Be warned, however, unpacking your new home will be a time-consuming nightmare.

Mostly C’s and F’s:

It always feels great to be sitting in the middle, doesn’t it? You’re the kind of person who doesn’t swing to either extreme. You can organise when you need to, but it doesn’t consume too much of your time. You’re a happy middle, the jam in a Victoria sponge.

Your storage unit will have a clear split between what you care about, and what you don’t. You’ll have neatly piled boxes of the belongings that mean the most to you, your photographs, your guitar, your favourite plate…but there’ll be smatterings of junk boxes with not so much care or attention.

There may be an organisational system in place, but nothing too elaborate. You may place the things you want easy access to at the front of the storage unit, or clump boxes of similar items together, but ultimately if it gets organised well or badly, it doesn’t matter too much to you.

You’re an all-rounder. Your packing and unpacking will probably take the same amount of time and you’ll slightly wish you had been more organised but not really. Your stuff is safe and that’s all that really matters.


So, there we have it. I hope you found our predictions to be insightful. If you’re a student looking for student storage in Warrington, student storage in Preston, student storage in Liverpool, student storage in Wirral, student storage in Widnes or student storage in Altrincham, contact Smart Storage today.