Today, Friday 14th June, is World Blood Donor Day a campaign led by the World Health Organisation and designed to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and timely supplies of safe blood.

Smart Storage Bromborough is proud to say that one of our treasured business self storage customers has just scheduled his 70th blood donation appointment!

Paul Wainwright, of chartered accountants and business advisors, Mitchell Charlesworth, has been donating blood since 1975, when he was a student at Liverpool Polytechnic (now Liverpool John Moore’s University). He made his first donation at a mobile donation centre in The Bradford Hotel.

World blood Day2 Paul Wainwright

Image: Paul Wainwright holding his 70th appointment letter for the 30th August 2019.

Since then, Paul has donated as often as current regulations allow, every three months. He donates at the centre on Dale Street now (it’s more convenient for him and he likes the bourbon biscuits!)  He books his appointments in advance to ensure he can give as much as possible.

Why is Paul so keen to donate? He has blood type A+, which has very good clotting properties and so is in high demand, particularly for use in children and baby wards.  His donations are distributed countrywide.  Paul believes blood donation is of huge importance as it can be lifesaving, yet is a resource many of us take for granted. He hopes no one is ever in a position where blood is unavailable and knows having adequate blood stocks allows the NHS to continue with surgeries and emergency care with confidence.

Paul tells us that giving blood is easy and most people can do it – the hardest part for him, is drinking a full pint of water and not going to the loo beforehand!  You can find all the information you need and your nearest blood donation centre here.

Paul believes that giving blood is something everyone should try – if they are able. If you’re nervous, he suggests going along with someone who donates regularly to see the process and feel more comfortable – something he encourages many of the staff at his firm to do.

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Paul is a business storage customer and he maintains an archive storage on behalf of Mitchell Charlesworth at Smart Storage Wirral.  For more information about our business storage services get in touch – or get an instant quote now.  Mitchell Charlesworth, established in 1885, is based in the North West with offices in Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and Widnes. They provide a full financial service including: Audit, Accounts, Taxation, VAT, Payroll, R&D, Insolvency, Financial Services, Corporate Finance, General Insurance and Cloud Accounting. Paul is proud to work with a team of over 160 staff serving a wide range of clients, and he is looking forward to his retirement in 2022 after 43 happy years at Mitchell Charlesworth.