Are you finally ready to move in together with your partner? Hopefully, you’ve thought through all the emotional aspects and agree that now is the right time. But, have you considered what you’re going to bring with you? What should you do with your books or prized collectables that clearly won’t fit in your new home? Check out our tips to make the process as easy as possible. They will help take the stress out of your move.

  1. Where Are You Moving To?

The first thing you need to consider is the place you’re moving to. Are you moving to your partner’s home? Are they moving in with you? Are you both choosing a new house or flat together? Making this decision early on will make it easier to decide which belongings you can bring with you. There are many factors to consider such as work commutes, pet accommodations or closeness to friends and family.

Talk about it together and make a list of pros and cons for each option. One place might have good transport links but moving to your partner’s home could be more affordable. It can be a tough decision! 

  1. Declutter Your Home

Take a good look at your belongings. It’s completely normal to accumulate things over time but, unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to take everything with you when you move in together. So, this is a fantastic chance to declutter your house and decide which items you want to keep.

After all, everything could be duplicated, from two coffee tables to more than enough cutlery. Of course, we also understand you won’t want to throw your possessions in a skip or donate everything, especially if the items were expensive or have sentimental value.

It’s best to work out together what you want and need from both current homes and pack up accordingly. It may be tempting to leave this until after you move in, but you’re just creating another headache – and you’ll ask yourself where to put all your belongings in your new home! Also, you won’t want to live amongst boxes. And, if you’re paying someone to move your things, the more stuff you have, the more it will cost you.

Combining households inevitably means you’ll have two of something. Some things just simply need to go. So, why not choose to keep what you couldn’t possibly part from and put the rest in storage? The result? You still have your possessions if you need them or if you move to a bigger house. Also, you can’t regret getting rid of something important if you store it, be it furniture, keepsakes or household items.

moving boxes

In the future, as your family grows – or you simply wish to have more space – you can always move someplace bigger and just take your belongings out of storage.

And, of course, if things don’t work out with your partner – you still have your own belongings!

  1. Make Sure You Both Have Your Own Space

This is especially important for introverts, who ‘recharge batteries’ by spending time alone. Personal space can be important when you’re spending so much time together. If your new place is too small to allow you any significant time for yourself, try an activity outside the house. Compromise is essential, especially when you are still getting used to being around each other every day.

  1. Choose the Interior Design Ahead of Time

You don’t want to find out last minute that you can’t compromise on how to decorate the house. Think about the décor ahead of time. This way, you can both include your preferences, be it wall paint, art, flowers or furniture style – whatever you choose, it’s important you both have something you like. This will help you both appreciate your new living situation more. 

Home and Interiors

  1. To Tidy Up or Not to Tidy Up

Something that tends to cause friction is the level of cleanliness or messiness in your home.  It’s vital that you both decide what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not willing to tolerate. It’s likely that one of you will prefer a pristine home while the other will be slightly more relaxed. It doesn’t matter whether you want the place squeaky clean or not, as long as you are both happy with it.

Discuss your personal preferences and expectations before moving in together, so that there are no surprises. If you’re a tidy individual who absolutely hates chaos, you may need to compromise with your partner in order to maintain the peace, and vice-versa. If there is something neither of you can stand, you should get it out of the way too!

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