As a market trader, you don’t have the same space for all your stock as that of a shop, so finding a secure place to store your stock is essential.

Your house may be spacious enough to hold your stock at first but, as you grow your business, it can become unworkable living in between boxes of your items. We’re sure you’re tired of stubbing your toe on them, which is why we provide secure, high-quality business storage units that are sure to keep your toes safe – and your possessions secure!

Self-storage is especially important during holiday and busy seasons, as you are sure to increase your stock in preparation for a higher number of orders. Whether you need extra space for the season or require a storage unit to keep your stock all year round, Smart Storage is here to help.

Store Your Inventory

A typical market day is long and busy, with customers stopping by to purchase from your stall. As you prepare your products to sell during busy periods, you will need a safe storage space for your stock – we offer units of all sizes here at Smart Storage, perfect to keep a variety of items, from small to bulky.

This means that your unit will be spacious enough for all the inventory you own and more, and we have free parking so you can easily move your items in or out of storage. We’ll also accept deliveries on your behalf. You’ll never have to rush back to the store for your packages – or wait around for delivery again. You’re free to focus on what matters most: market day.

Store Your Seasonal Items

Most holiday seasons, be it Christmas, Easter or Halloween, will require you to prepare and plan ahead of time. You’ll be pre-ordering stock and getting in the next collections – but storing this inventory in an organised manner can be difficult if you’re confined to a small box room, a shed in the garden or the garage. Get organised this year and consider self-storage as a way to help you consolidate your stock and get ready for busy market days.

So, whether you require business storage in Altrincham or business storage in Bromborough, our units are perfect for your seasonal products.  As you plan for Valentine’s Day think about storage and make the most of the next sales opportunity.

By choosing us for your storage needs, you’re always ready for even the busiest of market days!

Keep Your Items Safe

It can be challenging to keep your items secure when you’re operating from a market stall. When you’re busy serving customers, the last thing you want is to be stressing about whether your surplus stock is out of the rain and safe. Because we understand that the safety of your products is crucial, our team works hard to ensure units are secure 24/7.

Smart Storage Staff

For this reason, self-storage is a fantastic option for your business. We offer you peace of mind, you can be sure that your stock is protected by:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Smart Storage to learn more about our units and how secure they are.

Enjoy the Convenience of Self-Storage

When you’re running a market stall, convenience is king. We have long opening hours and many of our storage centres have extended hours too. And, in Widnes, we also offer secured drive-up units too. This service allows us to provide business owners with secure storage and the flexibility of round the clock access.

This hassle-free, efficient process is operational 24 hours a day for anyone who needs self-storage in Widnes. Use your entry fob to gain access to the secured drive-up facility, add your items and drive away. Simple and easy, this service is suitable for a variety of businesses, including trade. Other businesses that can benefit from our drive-up units are maintenance contractors, field sales reps and eBay sellers.

Another very convenient feature we offer at Smart Storage is complete flexibility when it comes to your contract. With us, you will never be tied to a long-term commitment with no end in sight – instead, we operate on an ‘easy in, easy out’ contract, which allows you to rent storage space for as long as you need.

We also ensure you have pallet trucks, trolleys and forklift trucks at your disposal, which is beneficial for market stall owners who need to move a lot of products at once or to transport heavy and bulky goods.

Shred Your Documents Securely

Any business owner, including market stall operators, knows that paperwork tends to accumulate at a rapid pace. Often, the documents you handle contain sensitive information, be it about your own business or about your customers, so it’s vital that you store and dispose of them in a safe and secure way.

All our Smart Storage stores offer a secure document shredding service, which is a convenient and safe way to get rid of confidential paperwork you no longer need.

Self-storage can offer market traders a convenient and secure space for storing stock. With Smart Storage, you get this and much more besides.  Speak to our teams.  So, whether you’re searching for self-storage in Liverpool, self-storage in Preston, self-storage in the Wirral, self-storage in Warrington, self-storage in Widnes or self-storage in Altrincham, we aim to help your market trader business.