Moving house is one of life’s most stressful moments but also one of the most exciting, and self-storage can help every step of the way. It saves time and money and makes the move smoother by providing a safe place for your belongings. Even in these challenging times, Smart Storage is open and here to support house-movers and renters.

At Smart Storage, we’ve helped countless homeowners and renters move to a new place, and we want to do the same for you. Take a look at several ways you can benefit from our domestic storage service, such as:

1. When You’re Packing and Unpacking

Packing can be time-consuming but, with self-storage, you can pack your belongings little by little and take it easy. You’ll be free to tackle each room in the home at your leisure instead of feeling pressured to hurry up, and the same goes for unpacking.

After you’ve moved in, you want to have some time to settle in, so gradually unpack the boxes by taking only a few at a time from your storage unit – once you’ve decided where you want to put the items

At Smart Storage, you can even use our units a bit like you would a spare room. For example, if there are items you’re not using currently, you don’t want them crowding your new home, so leave them with us for as long as you need.

Cardboard boxes and cleaning things for moving into a new home

2. When You’re Decluttering Your Home

Even if the move doesn’t involve downsizing, why not take the chance to clear out your home?

3. When You’re Trying to Sell Your Home

When selling a property, you want to showcase it at its best to make it appealing to potential buyers. This can be difficult to accomplish if your home is cluttered. Self-storage will help make your house or flat look more attractive by creating space.

For instance, take out big furniture pieces that either hinder passageways or simply make a room look small. It’s normal to become blind to how much stuff is around you, so go through everything with a fine comb and keep only a few things on display.

Don’t get too carried away, because you don’t want your home to look completely empty or devoid of personality! The idea is to create an attractive canvas that helps potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

4. When You’re In-Between Homes

When buying a property, it may be easier to stay with family or rent a smaller place whilst selling your current one. It means you can move more quickly when the right house for you comes along.

So, if you do end up in-between homes, it’s likely you won’t have space for all your furniture and packed boxes. And unpacking a huge amount of furniture is not worth it if you’re not staying there long anyway. Take the essentials with you, while storing the rest, which you can retrieve once you’re finally settled in your new home.

At Smart Storage, you’ll find plenty of units that can help you during your move, including our drive-up units. They allow you to just approach the facility (which is open 24/7), add or retrieve your possessions, and drive away, a process that is quick and simple – and you won’t even need to speak to a member of staff.

smart storage units

5. When Your New Home Needs Work Done

Self-storage is also a great option if your new property is in need of some TLC. Whether you’re looking to renovate or redecorate – or both – it’s a lot easier to get work done if the room or home is emptied out.

Moving all your stuff in before you’ve had the chance to replace carpets, paint walls or anything else you need to make the property feel like home, would take up a lot more of your time. You’d have to shift furniture around or pile your personal belongings into another room so, instead, place it all into storage.

Your items will be safe and sound and you can retrieve them when you’re ready. At Smart Storage, we offer flexible terms as low as 7 days and you can buy storage boxes at our stores, as we provide all the boxes and packaging materials you could possibly need.

boxes at smart storage

Smart Storage Can Help You

There is no denying how moving to a new house is stressful, so make it easier on yourself by using self-storage.

We provide self-storage in Liverpool, self-storage in Preston, self-storage in the Wirral, self-storage in Warrington, self-storage in Widnes and self-storage in Altrincham, so you’re sure to find a unit near you.

Smart Storage offers units of different sizes, as you can see from our space calculator.

This calculator will even tell you how big your unit should be if you want to store the contents of a 2-bedroom home, for example.

We offer our clients 50% off the first 8 weeks or 50% off the first 12 weeks for our Preston and Wirral customers, and you can also benefit from:

We’re always on hand to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team will help you find the perfect unit for your needs.