Do you have quite a bit of your belongings that need to go into storage, but you have no idea which size storage you should get? In this article, you’ll find out what fits in your storage unit here at Smart Storage – and you can also check out our space calculator for a comprehensive guide of what you can store in our units.

All of our units are clean, dry and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your possessions or wonder ‘is self-storage safe?’ – we also provide boxes and packaging for your convenience. So, how does self-storage work?

Student Locker

This small unit offers just the right amount of space for students to store their belongings before going away for their gap year. So, what can you fit inside a locker?

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group of students

10sqft Unit (1 Cubic Metre)

Not as small as a student locker but not too big either. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t require a huge unit and doesn’t want to pay for extra space they don’t need. In our 10 sqft unit, you can fit around 20 boxes of medium dimensions (405h x 405w x 405l) or the following items:

warm winter clothes

16sqft Unit (Approximately 1.4sqm)

If you live in a small house or flat and need some space to put all the extra stuff that doesn’t fit in your home (but that you don’t want to get rid of), this unit size may be ideal for you. Capable of holding 20 to 25 average cardboard boxes, this unit is the equivalent of a car boot. You can store your attic overspill or the contents of a bedsit here:

up close shot of someone using microwave

25sqft Unit (Approximately 2.3sqm)

The equivalent of 40 average boxes or a quarter of a standard garage, this 25sqft unit is as big as a transit van. Suitable to store the contents of a studio flat or garden shed, this unit size is great for those who need storage while in-between homes or even if they simply need a space to declutter their home. The high ceiling of the unit allows for the following to be stored:

beautiful armchair and decor

35sqft Unit (Approximately 3.2sqm)

Ideal to store the contents of a small van or a one-bedroom flat, our 35sqft units offer plenty of space for both domestic storage and business storage. You can also fit around 60 average-sized boxes here and, if you’re a workman looking for additional storage space, you’ll find this unit is a great solution. You can store:

beautiful patio furniture

50sqft Unit (Approximately 4.6sqm)

Capable of storing the contents of a large one-bedroom flat or a regular garage, Smart Storage’s 50sqft units can store up to 100 average-sized boxes. Great for anyone moving in together or for small businesses to store additional stock. What specific items can be kept in these units?

construction and architecture tools

75sqft Unit (Approximately 7sqm)

One of our most popular sizes, the 75sqft unit fits 150 average cardboard boxes and is ideal for those moving to a two-bedroom home. It’s also sought-after by people undertaking a house renovation or extension, since it allows them enough space to declutter and keep their belongings safe during this busy time. You can fill this unit with the contents of two full transit vans as well. You can also store:

gorgeous living room

100sqft Unit (Approximately 9.3sqm)

The size of a single garage, our 100sqft units offer all the space you need if you’re moving into a large 2-bedroom house or a regular 3-bedroom house. You can also store 200 medium-sized boxes or use it as a small warehouse space for your business; you can make use of vertical space by stacking up your belongings high as well.

Whether you’re a business owner or require domestic storage, and whether you’re relocating your office or selling your home, this unit is the perfect answer to your requirements. You’ll be able to fit the following and more:

man working at desk

125sqft Unit (Approximately 11.6sqm)

If you still need something bigger, our 125sqft units will certainly be ideal for anyone moving from a 3-bedroom home (storage costs for a 3-bedroom house vary, but you can get a quote today if you send us your storage details). You can fit 230 boxes here, as well as three Luton vans, which is the equivalent to a 7.5 tonne van – now that is a lot of stuff! This space is great as a warehouse to stock your business items as well. So, what exactly can you fit in this massive unit?

shed in garden

150sqft Unit (Approximately 14sqm)

These massive units are the size of one and half regular garages and can easily hold the contents of a 4-bedroom house. It can also store 250 boxes, so you have plenty of space for all your storage needs. A 150sqft unit is suitable for many different types of business, including online traders looking for a place to keep their stock safe. Take a look at our infographic on “Different Uses of Self-Storage for Business”, which will help you to figure out more ways to take full advantage of your space.

In this unit, you can keep:

people riding bicycles

175sqft Unit (Approximately 16.3sqm)

Capable of storing 280 boxes as well as the contents of a large 4-bedroom house, these units are also perfect as an office space, as a warehouse to stock your products and even as a distribution centre for your business; this is a great option if you’re a market trader as well. You can store a great deal of items here, including:

gym equipment

200sqft Unit (Approximately 18.6sqm)

What can you stock in our 200sqft units? A better question would be, what can’t you stock here? These gigantic units are perfectly capable of storing the contents of a 5-bedroom house or 300 boxes and are the equivalent to a 20ft-container (or a standard double garage).

It’s suitable as a warehouse to hold your stock, so it’s a superb choice for business owners across many different industries. Here are some of the items that will easily fit into a unit this size:

chefs in kitchen

Who uses self-storage? Our clients are varied and include students, homeowners and business owners. From the contents of a locker to a large 5-bedroom home and beyond, Smart Storage offer all the space they could possibly need at our stores. We also have forklifts, pallet trucks and trolleys at your disposal, so it will be easier than ever to move things in and out of your units.

So, if you’re looking for self-storage in Liverpool, self-storage in Preston, self-storage in the Wirral, self-storage in Warrington, self-storage in Widnes and self-storage in Altrincham, get in touch. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help, so just send us a message and we’ll get back to you.