From eBay sellers to charities and bookkeeping, there are plenty of different businesses that can be based in a business storage unit. Instead of taking over the kitchen table with paperwork or running out of space in the living room, business owners can opt for a storage unit to keep their work separate from their home life instead.

To celebrate our 15 years in business, we are taking a look at 15 types of businesses that can be based in a storage unit; if you have or are starting one of these businesses, you may want to consider how you can benefit from switching to self-storage.

  1. Online shop
  2. Arts and crafts
  3. YouTube business
  4. Writing business
  5. Charities
  6. Photo studio
  7. Independent publisher
  8. Landscapers
  9. Local contractors
  10. Theatre company
  11. Fashion designer
  12. Event organiser
  13. Luxury items seller
  14. Sports club or gym
  15. Cake decorator

Packing customer's orders in box

Why Use a Storage Unit?

Getting an office or leasing industrial space can be expensive, considering you would have to pay rates and utility bills on top of rent. Some months of the year are also busier than others. Seasonal businesses will require more space during those periods but, during the calmer months, you may end up paying for space you do not need.

With Smart Storage’s ‘easy in, easy out’ agreement, you will not be tied to a contract for months on end, meaning you do not have to keep your unit if you do not require it anymore. In fact, we offer flexible storage agreements as low as 7 days.

And, if you must scale up or reduce your business space, we can help you – there is no need to consider a move to different premises.

At Smart Storage, we provide:

We also collect deliveries on your behalf and have pallet trucks, trolleys and forklift trucks at your disposal.

1. Online Shop

The last thing business owners want is for their home to become an order fulfilment centre. Whether you are selling your products on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, cluttering your home is never the solution. A self-storage unit can be used as a place to store your merchandise, to photograph it and even to create product listings.

Moving everything to a storage unit means you can finally clear up the goods piled everywhere in the house.

2. Arts and Crafts

Homemade items have taken off in the past few years due to the growing appeal of websites like Etsy. If you are running a crafts business, you know it can be challenging to not only find the right place to both store your goods and final products, but to also create those products in the first place.

This means that, with self-storage, you can:

artists brushes and oil paints on wooden palette. 3. YouTube Business

This applies to any other business which requires videomaking. The walls of your storage unit are great as a neutral background for vlogs and instructional videos – and you can decorate them as it fits your brand. At Smart Storage, you also get all the peace and quiet you need to film uninterrupted.

In addition, we provide plenty of lighting and electricity sockets, as well as Wi-Fi, meaning you can upload your video to the Internet the same day you make it.

4. Writing Business

Writing requires a lot of concentration, so noise and interruptions can tank your productivity. With a storage unit, you do not have to worry about that; we provide you with your very own space where you can tune out the rest of the world and work with all the quiet you need.

5. Charities

Anyone who runs a charity or charity shop understands the importance of a dedicated space to keep stock and donations. Equally important is a place to store records and sensitive information. At Smart Storage, we can help with that. Our units are secure, clean and modern, allowing you to use them as a base of operations, be it fundraising, storing marketing materials and storing prizes.

In fact, we support several charities and help out in a number of ways – you can learn more about our charities and community work on our website.

woman with donations box 6. Photo Studio

What better place than a storage unit to shoot your photos? After all, with some adjustments, such as proper backdrops and lighting, no one will ever be able to tell whether your photos were snapped inside one or not.

And storage units are so useful for post-production as well, since it can offer business owners a quiet space to work. You only need a desk for your laptop, and you are ready to go.

7. Independent Publisher

Small, independent publishers will have a lot of stock on their hands – not just books, but also magazines, brochures and pamphlets. Before shipping these items or taking them to retailers, you need a place to store, sort and label everything.

A self-storage unit will give you all the space you need and ensures that your products do not get damaged. Our units come in several different sizes, so you can expand as your company grows as well. Use our space calculator to figure out the right size unit for your business requirements.

8. Landscapers

Landscapers can benefit from a spacious and safe place to keep all their equipment and tools. Not only is landscaping equipment typically expensive, but it is also bulky and may not fit in the garage at home. This could be anything from lawn mowers and ladders to leaf blowers or woodchippers.

Instead of disrupting your home life, you can store all equipment and tools in a Smart Storage unit and benefit from a service that will not charge you business rates, utility bills or security fees.

9. Local Contractor

The same is true of local contractors and tradesmen like builders, mechanics, plumbers, and other business owners who need a secure location to store their belongings. Your tools, machinery or any other equipment is vital to your business, and we can offer you the peace of mind of knowing everything is safe and sound while you are out on a job or have finished for the day.

tools in the shed for home and garden

10. Theatre Company

When you think of storage units, art is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, self-storage can be a great solution for businesses in the arts, including theatre companies. We understand the amount of material needed to put on a show: costumes, makeup, props, backdrops, paint, lighting, and so much more.

A storage unit will keep your materials safe and ready to go at a moment’s notice. We may even be able to offer you the space to do some dress rehearsals.

11. Fashion Designer

Tired of finding needles and fabric in every corner of the house? Find it impossible to know where you last saw your sewing kit? With a self-storage unit, you have the perfect space to be creative and store all of your materials at the same time.

Whether you need a desk to create your designs or a power outlet to plug in your sewing machine, Smart Storage can help by giving you all the space and amenities you need to run your business. We’re got racking and boxes to help you keep your supplies ordered and tidy too.

12. Event Organiser

Any event planner knows that being methodical and organised is incredibly important. Carrying around binders with key information, keeping documents everywhere or dragging advertising equipment behind you every time you go somewhere is not viable.

Instead, why not use a secure space where you can keep your possessions, from props to client information and business cards? This way, you can work in peace, be prepared for anything and plan spectacular events, all without worrying about missing information or materials.

13. Luxury Items Seller

If you are in the business of buying-and-selling high-cost items, then you should have a secure space to keep them. Whether designer goods, vintage furniture or even refurbished electronics, consider storing them all in a unit you can easily access any time you need instead of in your home.

This ensures the safety of your items and not just from burglary. It is easier for things to get damaged or lost if they are lying around on an open surface or placed in a box among countless other boxes.

14. Sports Club or Gym

People who ran a sports club can make use of a storage unit to keep equipment and marketing materials. This will prevent you from having to lug the equipment from your home every time you are giving a class. Also, as your business grows, you will probably need more space, which is no problem with Smart Storage, as we can accommodate growing companies.

Kettlebell and medicine ball in the gym. Equipment for functional training

15. Cake Decorator

While you may not be able to bake cakes from a self-storage unit, you may find it useful to decorate them. Our self-storage units allow you to set up tables, store decorating tools and add as much lighting as you need. It is also easier to reach a wider number of clients when you have a base of operations closer to them.

Our storage units are perfect for business use. Whether you need to work from them or are using them just for storage, they can take away the stress of running your business and ensure that you only need to focus on your day-to-day activities.

At Smart Storage, we also accept deliveries on your behalf, so you’re not tied down to your unit 24/7. If you need storage in Warrington, storage in Widnes, storage in Liverpool, storage in Preston, storage in the Wirral or storage in Altrincham, we can help; talk to us if you have any questions.