Moving to a new home is exciting but daunting at the same time. Moving is a massive upheaval to life, there are so many things to do and to keep track of. Getting ready ahead of time and preparing for potential issues, however, can keep stress at bay.

Because there are so many things to get right, we at Smart Storage have put together some tips to help the process go smoothly.

Consider Self Storage

If you know you’re going to a have a period when you’ll be in-between homes, you may wish to consider whether you need storage. While you don’t have to place the entire contents of your home in a unit, using domestic storage will ensure your belongings are stored securely and ensure you don’t have cardboard boxes everywhere in your rented or temporary accommodation.

Also, if you’re moving to a smaller property and are not sure what to do with your items, putting them in storage will keep them safe until you decide whether to donate, sell or bring them into your new place.

When you pack your possessions, make sure you’ve chosen the right boxes and packaging. You can buy storage boxes and packing materials at Smart Storage, we have a wide range of sizes and even speciality boxes for things like mirrors and TVs.

Figure Out the Best Day for the Move

Most people prefer to move on a Friday because it gives them the weekend to unpack without having to take time off work. It also helps them to settle into the new property, since they have time to relax for a bit before Monday comes back around.

However, because this day is so popular and busy, you can end up having issues with bank money transfers, as they can get delayed. You may find a better price with your removal company if you pick a less busy day of the week as well. So if you’re set on a Friday for your big move, it’s even more important to plan ahead.

Get a Removals Company to Help

If you plan to use a removals company, you should book your chosen company with plenty of time to spare; otherwise, they may be booked on your moving day. While you can get away with hiring a small van and driving it yourself if you’re moving down the road, the same can’t be true if you’re moving across the city or to a whole new place. For larger house and longer distance moves a removals company will make the job much smoother.

However, if your house move is not too great a distance ask about our free van hire option. Together with our partners, Enterprise, we can offer free 24hour hire of a standard transit van – terms and conditions do apply so ask in store.

Inform Utilities’ Companies

You should let your utilities’ companies know that you’re going to be moving, so call them or fill out their online forms and make sure to get final readings for everything (gas, water and electricity). Don’t forget to let your broadband service know you won’t be living at that address as well.

Notify Your Bank

Your bank will need to be told of your change of address, of course, so it’s imperative that you do this as soon as possible before you get bogged down with other details. This way, you can make sure that you’re receiving information from your bank and that the people who will live in the home after you don’t get your account letters.

Redirect Your Mail

While not everyone will remember to do this, we believe it’s still an important part of moving home. While you can change your address everywhere you remember, you may miss something. By setting up a redirection service for a few months – or even a year if you want to be on the safe side – you will receive mail from sites and companies that still have your old address.

Organising a mail redirection service is crucial because it keeps important information out of strangers’ hands. If bank letters don’t reach you, the risk of identity theft increases, for example. Also, if you’re not paying some bills because you’ve not been receiving mail, your credit score may get damaged.

If you’re going to between homes for a period of time it might make sense to consider using a mail box service for this period. Smart Storage offer a mail box service too – so you can have your mail redirected to your mailbox and be certain that your mail will reach you – especially if you’re likely to change address a few times before you move to your forever home.

Register to Vote

This is very important, as you don’t automatically get registered to vote at your new area. Being registered also helps your credit score, so this is something you should keep in mind. You will want to register with local clinics or dentists as well, instead of waiting until you have an issue.

Have Overnight Essentials within Reach

Nothing’s worse than packing everything in boxes only to find out that you don’t have toiletries or a change of clothes. To prevent having to open and rifle through boxes when you get to your new home, pack away a bag with essentials for the whole family, from toothbrushes to pyjamas. Don’t forget to label it.

Other Things You Should Do When Moving Home

There are a million and one things to keep in mind when moving to a new place, so here are a few more items to check off your list:

In your new home, don’t try to unpack everything in one go. Make beds, charge phones, load up the fridge and make food – other than this, you should probably take it easy and unpack little by little, as it will be less stressful than trying to do it all, especially as you’ll be tired from the move.

Download Our Checklist

Are you looking for a physical checklist you can actually use as a guide as you go through the process of moving home? Smart Storage has what you need!

With this list, you can stay on top of everything. It’s organised by date so that you won’t forget a single task or key action, ensuring a smooth, stress-free process.

Download a printable PDF or an interactive, mobile-friendly version – or both!

Smart Storage Is Here for You

At Smart Storage, we understand how time-consuming moving to a new house can be, so we aim to help however we can. We offer short-term contracts that are perfect for those in-between homes, as you don’t have to be tied to a lengthy contract and can, instead, simply remove your items from storage whenever is most convenient for you.

Also, we have a wide range of self-storage units at your disposal ranging from small to huge, so you will be able to find the right one for you with ease. Adding to this are our fantastic prices. Our self-storage is cost-efficient in both the short and long-term, and we also offer discounts and deals, such as our 50% off introductory offer (which gives you 50% off the first 8 weeks).

And, with our space calculator, it’s easier than ever to figure out which unit size you should choose.

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